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Walmart is offering deals on 4K TV

If you were planning to purchase a budget 4K TV from a while, then Walmart is currently having an extensive collection of great TV options for you. The online retailer is offering great deals on the 4K TVs and these include 65-inch LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDR TV. The original price of the TV is $650, but Walmart is currently offering a $112 discount on the TV and you will be able to put your hands on the TV for just $538.

Talking about the features and specifications of the TV, the 65-inch LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDR TV comes equipped with a remarkable 65-inch IPS 4K panel with wide viewing angles.  The wide view angles of the TV provide more realistic pictures and natural radiance. This Smart TV utilizes a dynamic quad-core processor that lessens motion blur and video noise by increasing the sharpness to deliver nearly perfect color precision.

Also, the LG 65UM6950DUB Smart TV has Active 4K high dynamic range (HDR) which has been equipped to improve the image quality of any scene. The TV also has multiformat 4K HDR that supports HLG and HDR10, boosting LG’s superior tone-mapping technology to heighten all the movement on the screen. The TV is compatible with most of the streaming services including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. So ultimately you will have a decent collection of content to watch on the TV.

Moving towards the back of the TV, you will find three HDMI ports and two USB sockets. These ports and sockets can be used to connect your laptop, Blu-ray, DVD player, game consoles, and external hard drives. The TV has a good refresh rate of 60Hz, and so you will experience improved gaming.

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