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Prime members can purchase the Amazon Fire 7 tablet for just $30

Fire tablets from Amazon are the most affordable devices available in the market in comparison to other tablets like Apple iPad and Samsung Tablet. Fire tablets are just perfect devices for children or using the product for media consumption. Though the Fire tablets won’t end the need of a laptop, they won’t break your bank either.

At present, Amazon is offering a limited-time sale on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. During the sale, Prime members can put their hands on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet for just $29.99. Usually, the sleek tablet retails for $49.99, but if you are a prime member and will purchase the tablet during the sale-period you would be paying only $29.99.

The specifications and features of the device are that it has a front- and rear-facing cameras.  The device has a 16 GB of storage and it is capable of providing a battery backup of 7 hours. The tab is available in four colors which are black, plum, sage, and twilight blue.

So ultimately, Amazon is offering $20 off on the 7-inch tablet for Prime members, which is not less than any of its Prime Day offers.

We all know that iPads from Apple will be the best choice in the market in terms of the tablet, but bringing the Fire 7 tablet home can also be your perfect bet as the device has been designed in a way that it is two times more durable than iPads and comes with Alexa built-in.

With Fire 7 in hand, you can anytime ask your device “to make phone calls, check the weather, pull up recipes, stream music, television, and movies. It’s like getting a personal assistant and a new piece of tech in one”.

Also, Amazon is currently offering discounts on Fire HD 8 tablet. The device is available at $49.99 whose original price is $79.99.

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