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Samsung Galaxy Fold is to be handled with care

We have reports that Samsung following the launch of its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold has three words for its users and they are “Handle with care”. Galaxy Fold which the South Korean tech giant has launched recently is a $2000 device which was scheduled to be launched in May 2019 but somehow got delayed due to display issues.

We have reports that in April, Samsung provided a specific number of Galaxy Fold to the early reviewers and the review units malfunctioned. But now Samsung has worked on the issues that the smartphone was facing earlier, and the smartphone is now available with lots of dos and don ts including not touching the display of the smartphone with your fingernail.

“Do not press the screen with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or fingernail, or apply excessive pressure,” instructions on the $1,980 phone’s packaging advise, according to a reviewer from one of the leading news channels. Samsung also advises, “tap lightly to keep it safe.” Users are further warned to keep “any objects such as cards, coins, or keys” well away from the screen.

The problem that the smartphone faced earlier was a thin protective layer which was meant to keep intact so that the phone’s screen can stay together when users will fold or unfold the smartphone. But the early reviewers somehow managed to remove the protective layer thinking that it was a kind of film or a screen protector that is to be removed before using the smartphone.

This time, Samsung has made some of the necessary changes and when you will boot up the phone, the screen will show a warning which will inform the users about the protective layer in bold font.

There are reports that Samsung is also providing concierge service to its users and the service will cost $149 to repair the Fold’s screen if it breaks once.

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