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PS5 will be more fun than PS4: Omar Sawi

Recently, Chameleon Games studio head Omar Sawi interacted with the news channels and in one of his statements shared that the PS5 will be more fun than PS4. “The PlayStation 5’s innards will make it easier to focus on what makes games great”, said Sawi.

The studio head also shared that the biggest reason that why developers will be able to focus on making games fun will be the system’s new Solid State Drive. The new SSD will be the sole reason behind improving console gaming in a variety of ways. The new SSD will also allow developers to worry less about hardware restriction, which was earlier the biggest problem with PS4.

Sawi said that he and his teammates are looking forward to design the games in a specific way in order to avoid loading screens on the new console, and so naturally this has restricted them greatly. With the new console in hand, the players will get fewer load times and in some cases, we will try our best to eliminate the load times altogether. This will ultimately allow developers more freedom, Sawi added.

“This is great,” said Sawi about the PS5’s SSD while speaking to Gaming Bolt. “Because loading times are a pain. And it’s hard to mask them away. We had to think very hard about it on current-gen because we didn’t want loading screens. So we had to design levels around that, for example making a tunnel a bit longer than necessary or creating an intermediary cave level so the next big level would load in time without a loading screen since a regular HD is quite slow. An SSD would make it easier to focus on what is the most fun.”

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