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Amazon’s Prime Video app is back

Recently, Amazon Prime Video app faced a technical glitch following which the app got disappeared from the Apple App Store. There are reports that the app was not available for new downloads and neither was it available for updates for both iOS and Apple TV users.

Regarding the concern, most of the users reached Twitter and in one of their tweets over the social media platform asked Amazon to help them with their issues on Friday morning. There are reports that in the first few hours there was no reply from the side of Amazon support channel but then the support team replied: “We’ve learned the issue is technical in nature, but we have no further information as to the details of the problem. The app should be back shortly”.

“Earlier today, there was a technical glitch that impacted the Prime Video app on iOS and tvOS devices,” an Amazon spokesperson said. “The issue has been resolved, and the Prime Video app is now once again available in the App Store.”

We have reports that the issue of the Amazon Prime Video app disappearance from the App Store was earlier reported by AppleInsider, iMore, and others. And as far as the reports are concerned, the reason behind the appearance of the app from the platform is supposed to be a technical one. An issue with the update could have caused it to be temporarily pulled, perhaps, the reports added.

Also, Amazon releases the X-Ray upgrade of the app across all platforms, which has been designed in a way that it will allow users to get information on what they are actually streaming, including Amazon’s run of Thursday Night Football games.

Finally, after the troubleshooting from Amazon’s technical team, the Amazon Prime Video app has been again added to the App Store.

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