Project Nightingale of Google now comes under federal inquiry

In the recent development, it was seen that a federal investigation had been now opened up. All this has been for Google’s efforts to collect some health data which range in about millions of Americans. All this was thought of doing it through a project called Project Nightingale.

On Tuesday, it was seen that the Department of Health and Human Services Office for all Civil Rights are said to have opened an inquiry about it.

According to Roger Severino, who is the director of the office, said that the office will now start to seek as well as learn more and more information about the mass collection of all individuals and their medical records as well. It to ensure that all kind of protections were now fully implemented to protect it.

All the collection of data is said to be done with the help of a new partnership that exists between Google and Ascension. It was learned that the two companies had confirmed all these things in a statement, and they said that they are working on analyzing the patient data. All these are done so that they can provide better insights for the health care providers and suggestions for patient care.

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