HP rejects buyout offer by Xerox

During the last week, it was seen that HP has been receiving the buyout offers from companies like Xerox. But with the latest development, it shows that the company still believes in itself and is not desperate to go for any deal as of now.

Earlier, Xerox has proposed to, but the company shares at $22 per share. This deal shows that it is not so valuable one and is also not in the best interest too. Apart from that all, it too said about the ability of Xerox to pull off this offer.

Currently, the values of  HP is seen to be declining with its revenue and also the prospect of all massive debt for a combined company.

With all these things happenings, it too said that HP has not hinted about going for a better deal. But in a statement, HP said to Xerox that they are going for the substantive engagement, and it is from executives and to access the relevant information about how it helps to gauge the value of the deal in a better way. It, too, said that it is not adverse to get acquired, but it also doesn’t know about any buyout option for the company.

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