Police Authorities Find 17 Infected Bodies Following Anonymous Tip

Police Authorities Find 17 Infected Bodies Following Anonymous Tip
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On Monday, a tip from an unknown person leads Andover Police to 17 dead bodies in New Jersey. The place is a morgue of one of the largest nursing homes in New Jersey. Following the tip, the responding officers didn’t find a single body in the shed. But, eventually, they found 17 bodies, after heading to the morgue with the assistance of the nursing home employees.

Andover Police Chief, Eric Daniel’s statements 

Initially, Eric Daniel states that the nursing home staff’s response was very overwhelming. Further, the Police Chief says that there were not any staff in the nursing home. Then, he states that they found out that 17 of them are expiring, and he doesn’t know the reason behind it. Subsequently, Eric says that he isn’t sure if the patients are suffering from the pandemic or some other disease. Lastly, he believes that the entire police authority tried their best to reach on time and ease the burden.

Four of the seventeen patients have already died, and others are receiving treatment in the Newton Medical Center.

According to recent data, the number of fatalities in the US surpasses the 30,000 mark.



Mariella Frostrup