US Intelligence closely monitoring North Korean leader’s health  

US Intelligence closely monitoring North Korean leader’s health  
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The US intelligence is closely monitoring the situation of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un’s condition after his recent surgery. Further, the report claims that the North Korean leader is in grave danger after the completion of his operation. Subsequently, another similar report suggests that the US is closely monitoring Kim’s health and the cause behind it.

The event which the North Korean leader gave a miss

On April 15, 2020, North Korea marks the birth anniversary of the country’s founding father, Kim II Sung. Further, the day was also a national holiday for the citizens of North Korea. Moreover, Kim II Sung is also the grandfather of Kim Jong Un. Subsequently, Kim’s absence in the event sparks a few speculations over his health.

The reason behind his health deterioration 

According to a report, Kim receives the vascular procedure. Subsequently, the report suggests that the reason for his health issue is obesity, excessive smoking and overwork.

Another news channel of South Korea suggests that Kim’s condition is improving after the surgery. Subsequently, this claim is based on the medical teams returning from Pyongyang on April 19.

But, none of the reports can be confirmed yet due to the country’s restrictions on reporting regarding the North Korean leadership.


Mariella Frostrup