Hackers may have your data due to bug in iPhone mail app

In the recent development, Apple Inc is now working day and night to fix a dangerous bug in its all iPhone and iPads. The bug has left nearly over half a million of users open to hackers.  The company will soon be releasing the update to fix the bug and make it right for all users.

The bug was discovered by a security firm ZecOps, and they also demonstrate the way of getting hack by hackers.  With the help of the bug, hackers send a blank message to the mail account of the victim. When they open it, it forces the app to crash and ask for a reboot of the phone. In that meantime, hackers access all the data from your phone and store it with themselves.

As per the researchers of the former Israeli Defense Force, he suspects that all these are a part of malicious programs.  It is a chain of things, and from that, it gives hackers full access to control the iPhone or iPad.  As per the report, until now, nearly five to six high profile people have suffered from it and get exploit as well.

Apple has no comment on the issue until now.

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