China threatens to retaliate EU over their report on COVID-19

China threatens to retaliate EU over their report on COVID-19

Recently, a report from the European Union (EU) accuses Russia and China over their ‘global disinformation campaign’ regarding the pandemic coronavirus. Subsequently, the EU rescinds the report after pressure from Beijing. Further, China threatens that it would retaliate by withholding the supply of necessary equipment and medications all around the world.

The report

The report suggests that the most populous country in the world is running a massive disinformation campaign. Subsequently, this campaign is a measure to deflect the country’s mismanagement during the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Further, the report also includes that China even tries to silence the whistleblowers from their own country. For instance, like silencing and interrogating Jim Wenliang for raising questions over the virus.

Moreover, the report also accuses China of hiding the real number of fatalities and active cases of coronavirus in the country. And, it also states that there is a bogus shifting of the timeline regarding the number of days that one person takes to recover from the virus.

Until today, there are around three million cases of coronavirus in the entire world. Further, it has also led to more than 200,000 deaths globally.


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