The Good Detective Air Date and Streaming Details

The Good Detective

The second half of this convulsed 2020 is here and so is the schedule for new shows —the ones that didn’t get hit by logistics problems in the production stage thanks to the pandemic—, “The Good Detective” is not one such example —it was initially scheduled to premiere on April this year— and one of the next ones to premiere in the following weeks.

The Good Detective runs for a total of sixteen episodes, a total of two months run. It is a drama about a man called Kang Do Chang, a veteran detective that was born and raised in Incheon that leans on his previous experiences and personal networks to solve cases instead of forensic sciences. The counterpart to this story is Ji Hyeok of nine years’ experience that does the opposite of Kang Do Chang: He uses science to solve the cases, but he is socially awkward because of childhood trauma.

The third character is Jin Seo Kyung, who works as a reporter in a newspaper with a drive. These characters blend in a story of coverups, concealment, deceit, investigation, and research in a crime detective drama that shows up this season.

The Good Detective Episode 1 Air Date and Streaming Details

The Good Detective premieres on Monday, June 6 2020 at 21.30 KST —a time slot previously occupied “Sweet Munchies” and “18 Again”. The episodes will be broadcasted on local Korean TV Channel jTBC. If the reader wishes to stream this show online, they can do so on the HBO streaming site. The new episodes are available with English subtitles, but in order to stream them, the viewer needs to wait after it has finished its local broadcast.

The Good Detective Air Date

The Good Detective Cast

  • Son Hyun-joo (featured in “Jesters: The Game Changers”, “Real”, and “The Devil’s Game”)
  • Ahn Si-Ha (Featured in “The King: Eternal Monarch”)
  • Jang Seung-jo (featured in “Secret Zoo”, “Heart Blackened” and the drama series “Encounter”. “The Package” and “Chocolate”)
  • Lee Elijah (featured in “My Bossy Girl”, and the series “Chief of Staff” —one and two—, as well as “The Last Empress” and “Ms Hammurabi”)

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