Doors of Stone Air Date Is Coming, But A Little Later

When Will Doors of Stone Air Date

Some bitter truth for the followers of the great works by Patrich Rothfuss as the wait has gone for long. Followers of The Kingkiller Chronicles series. Readers have been able to enjoy the first two books in the series. But since the entirety of the story is said to be following three books in total than the first two are kind of a cliff hanger to the readers who enjoy these works of science fiction.

The final chapter. Which is the upcoming one, has been postponed ever since 2014. And Air Dates have been shifting ever since and this will make fans to even doubt as no one can be really sure anymore.

But here we will look at the officially revealed date that the last chapters of the series is expected to release on. The Author of the book, Patrick Rothfuss said that he is no longer thinking about the set deadlines for the book and his focus is on the book now and it will be released as soon as he is done working on it.

When Will Doors of Stone Air Date?

Door of Stone will be released on 20 August 2020. This is coming after almost 5 years since the last release in the series and fans have been waiting ever since to see how the third and the final chapter of the series will bring a conclusion to the story.

The Doors of Stone chapter will be covering the adventures from the lead Kvothe that were left uncovered in the first two books of the series. Since the entire series covers events that took place in three days. The first book, titled Wind covered day one, the second book named The Wise Man’s Fear covered day two and the last one will be covering day 3.

So far that is all of the events revealed with regard to the Air Date of Doors of Stone. The editorial team has been working on this last chapter for a while. And as the Author of the book has revealed that he is no longer chasing the deadline and that the book will be released as soon as he finished working on it. Then there is a chance the book might come earlier, of at the worst possible case, at a much later date then the one revealed here. So lets wait to see how will things finally turn out at the end.

Nathan Dawson