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Miruthan 2 Air Date And Cast Details
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“Miruthan” which when translated from Tamil to English means “Zombie” is the latest upcoming Tamil action horror movie. It is written and directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan and has a star-studded cast with one of the most interesting storylines that Tamil cinema has seen, and so, it seems almost redundant to mention that the release of “Miruthan 2” is the talk of the town now. “Miruthan” was shot in Ooty and Coimbatore and was completed in a total of just 54 days! This well thought out the title is composed of two worlds, the first being “Mirugam” which means animal and the second being “Manithan” which means man. In this article, we will discuss with you everything you need to know about the sequel, “Miruthan 2”, right from its Air Date, cast members, storyline, and all the juicy details!

Director Shakti Soundar Rajan has brought the team of “Miruthan” back again and announced the sequel “Miruthan 2” also titled, “Tik Tik Tik” and is expected to return with the same cast. It has been decided that Miruthan will be a Superhero franchise. Without any further delay, let us take a look at the latest on “Miruthan 2”


The story features a zombie apocalypse in the state of Tamil Nadu that begins with the spill of a venomous liquid. This liquid was being stored in a container outside a chemical laboratory in Ooty. As the people of the town begin to realize their peril, Karthik, a police officer is shown as he first learns of what has befallen the state when his sister goes missing. He is then attacked by these zombies. This leads him to team up with a group of doctors and his girlfriend to escape Ooty and find a cure for the epidemic outside of the city. Though out this time, the people are running out of time as the zombies grow in numbers and start to become unstoppable.

The film was not initially liked by the crowds but it was an experimental film and introduced a completely new idea to Kollywood for the first time ever and so was greatly appreciated by the critics and people of cinema. Before the release of the first movie, the problems faced by the crew was immeasurable as the film got an “A” rating meaning only for adults, but eventually was changed to a “U/A” rating.

Miruthan 2 Air Date And Cast Details
Jayam Ravi from “Miruthan”

This is the storyline for the first film “Miruthan”, the plot of the sequel “Miruthan 2” is still unknown but it seems like it will follow much the same storyline with the zombies being the focus and maybe a superhero to save the city from destruction! It’s all guess work till we have any official information though.


It seems as though “Miruthan 2” will feature the same cast in the same roles as “Miruthan”. It is also expected that the police Sub-Inspector Karthik will be featured as the hero of the second film where he will find a way to rid the city of the zombie infestation. Lets see what the rest of the cast looks like from the first movie.

  • Lakshmi Menon as Dr. Renuka (Karthik’s love interest)
  • Sriman as Shri (frightened mall security)
  • Jayam Ravi as Karthik (Traffic Sub-Inspector)
  • R.N.R Manohar as Minister Guru Moorthy
  • Kaali Venkat as Constable Chinnamalai (Karthik’s best friend)
  • Anika Surendran as Vidhya (Karthik’s sister)
  • Jeeva Ravi as Chief Dr. Dharan
  • Crane Manohar as Wedding Broker
  • Amit Bhargav as Dr. Naveen
  • Nellai Siva as Gurumoorthy’s henchman
  • Raghav Durairaj as Assistant Dr. Kamal
  • Dhilip Rayan as one of Karthik’s best friends

Shruti Hassan is also expected to be in the sequel film in a major role.

Miruthan 2 Trailer 

The trailer of “Miruthan 2” has been released. However, the “Miruthan” series is a complete horror genre and so it is advisable that one acquaint themselves with the trailer of the first film before diving into the second one when it is released. But, for all horror movie fanatics, you’re sure to love both the first and second ones no doubt. So while you’re waiting for any new information, do give the first movie a watch!

Click below to watch the trailer of “Miruthan 2” right now!

Miruthan 2 Air Date 

“Miruthan 2” is set to premiere in the fall of 2020 or Early 2021. The script and casting have already been set but we still do not have an official date for its release. The first film was released on February 19th, 2019 and so it is quite probable that the second movie will also release on the same date next year. This sequel will be dubbed in many languages, unlike its last part which was only dubbed in Telugu.

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