Lucifer Season 6: Renewal Details – New Season In Store

Much has been made of Lucifer in the previous days! It is a known fact that the series will not be coming after Lucifer Season 6 on Netflix, fans can barely keep calm. Lucifer used to air on FOX after which the network canceled it. A massive online campaign led the streaming giant Netflix to pick it up. Since the show is almost here, there is a lot that you need to know in terms of season 6 and the rest. We have ample details teasing about the latest episodes. There is so much to that they have in store for Tom Ellis’ crime-solving devil, Lucifer. Keep reading to know more.

Season 5 Plot

A year has passed since the show dropped heartbreaking details in the final episode of season four. Since then, fans have been for details on the next chapter ever since. The trailer for the fifth season was released by Netflix earlier this month and it was full of shocking details. The trailer revealed that Lucifer has been replaced by an imposter and it is none other than his own twin brother, Michael.
Lucifer Season 6: will be the last of the series.
But nothing to worry about, the faces at LAPD noticed that something wasn’t fitting right. But that’s all the trailer said. For now, it remains to be seen whether the show will be able to crack the mystery before evil Michael destroys everything that Lucifer has ever worked for on Earth. But guessing its the finale season, things will get better eventually. Let’s just hope that Lucifer Morningstar’s special bond with police detective Chloe Decker is unfazed. If we are to go by the poster, this relationship will be taken to the next level. The poster appears quite steamy, and it says, “Give in to temptation.” The two appear embracing each other closely. We’ve been wondering if it is the Lord of Hell or just his doppelgänger! Let’s hope it is Morningstar with Chloe.
More details tell us that the writers behind Lucifer have attempted some experimental plots in the fifth season. These scenes include a musical episode plus a noir episode paying tribute to the classic crime serials.

Lucifer Season 6: Renewal Details

Technically you could say that Netflix has renewed Lucifer for the sixth and last season. But the finale has part two of the fifth lying in between. Netflix has also promised that it will head in an unexpected direction with the finale season. Initially, in June 2019, the streaming giant had renewed Lucifer for only the fifth season. That was how things were intended to be at that point.
In March 2020, reports came in that Netflix was considering to extend the series for a sixth season. It was further reported that the star Tom Ellis had renewed his contract for a potential return. Moreover, season five episode order was increased from an initial 10 episodes to 16 episodes. Season
Netflix has made it clear that it is going to drop eight episodes of season 5 at first. This shall be followed by another eight episodes of season 5. But of course, there will be a break between these two. And finally, the sixth season will conclude the run of entire series.
Season four of Lucifer is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. You can watch all previous seasons, as well, but they are available on Amazon Prime Video if you are in the UK. The older installments are yet to make the leap to Netflix.
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