[Exclusive] Deepa Malik assures India’s medal count will be in double digits at Tokyo Paralympics

Deepa Malik assures India's medal count will be in double digits at Tokyo Paralympics
Deepa Malik assures India that the medal count at the Tokyo Paralympics will definitely be in double digits.

Deepa Malik is the first-ever Indian woman to win a silver medal at the Paralympics. She said that next year in the Tokyo Paralympics, the medal tally of India will surely be a two-digit number. She is the newly elected President of the Paralympic Committee of India. Let us see further in the article what the inspirational Deepa has to say.

After retiring from active sports, Malik got herself involved in the administrative side. At the Rio Olympics, our athletes bagged two Gold medals for India and one Silver and Bronze too. During the Asian Para Games in 2018, India got home 72 medals already setting the mark. Deepa went on Instagram live with Mudit Dani. Mudit Dani is a Table Tennis player who won a bronze medal during the US Open in 2019. Sports have started receiving attention in India. In fact, people have started supporting the players with open-minds. Steady progression will be seen in the coming years for sure. Malik believes that no disability can stop anyone from getting what they want.

Firstly in 1999, Malik had to undergo surgery for the removal of a spinal tumor. She said that during her time at the hospital, there were a lot of injured soldiers of the Kargil war. They had lost a limb during their duty while serving for the country. They were positive and proud, and that inspired her. Their bright and adamant attitude gave her no reason to crib because of the disease. So, she decided to do something for the country. As a result, she soared great heights bagging the silver medal for India in Shot Put at Paralympics 2016. Deepa is a recipient of the Arjuna Award (2016) and Padma Shri (2017). Right now, she has won a total of 23 international medals for India making every countryman proud.

Deepa Malik assures India's medal count will be in double digits at Tokyo paralympics
Former President Shri Pranab Mukherjee presenting Ms. Deepa Malik with the Padma Shri Award (2017).

India participated in the Paralympics in 1968 for the first time. A lot of athletes came back to the country with medals, making India proud. To date, India has won a total of 12 medals at the Paralympics. The decorated athletes are Murlikant Petkar (Gold in swimming in 1972); Bhimrao Kesarkar (Silver in Javelin L6 in 1984); Joginder Singh Bedi (Silver in Javelin L6, Shot Put L6, Discus Throw L6 in 1984); Devendra Jhajharia (Gold in Javelin F44/46 in 2004); Rajinder Singh Rahelu (Bronze in Powerlifting in 2004); Girisha Nagarajegowda (Silver in High Jump F42 in 2012); Mariyappan Thangavelu (Gold in High Jump F42 in 2016); Devendra Jhajharia (Gold in Javelin F46 in 2016); Deepa Malik (Silver in Shot Put F53 in 2016) and Varun Singh Bhati (Bronze in High Jump F42 in 2016).

Now, Paralympics is recognized much more than before. But during the early times, people did not pay as much attention to Paralympics as the Olympics and many were not even aware of the event. But now, it has started receiving the support of people and recognition like the Olympics. We are certain that in the future, it will definitely achieve a status in the society just like any other sport. We wish the best luck to the Indian Paralympics team for next year. Till then, stay tuned for more such updates and stay safe.

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