Indian Hockey Forward Mandeep Singh found COVID-19 Positive

Indian Hockey Forward Mandeep Singh found COVID-19 Positive
Ranchi Rhinos forward Mandeep Singh tests positive after five players from the Indian Hockey National Team were affected by the virus.

The Indian Men’s National Hockey team is the first non-European team of the International Hockey Federation. The men in blue won their first-ever Olympic gold medal in 1928. They went on to win six gold medals in a row. During that time, they were unbeatable and had a 30-0 winning streak. Currently, the team ranks fourth in the world. The Government of Odisha sponsors the national hockey team. The team has won a total of 73 medals consisting of 26 golds, including 8 from the Olympics and 1 from the world cup. The Indian Hockey Men’s National team is considered as one of the best teams in the International Hockey Federation.

Recently, 5 players from the team were found to be COVID-19 positive including the Indian captain Manpreet Singh. The other 4 players are defender Surendra Kumar, Jaskaran Singh, drag-flicker Varun Kumar, and goalkeeper Krishan Bahadur Pathak. They all have come in catch of the virus as well. Although they were initially found negative in the rapid test, later on, two players from the team started showing some symptoms because of which they had to undergo the test again and then, five players were found to be positive. The test results of the rest of the players are also out and the result will shock you.

Indian Hockey Forward Mandeep Singh found COVID-19 Positive
Team rules Mandeep Singh out of practice after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Along with the first five players, the Indian hockey team forward Mandeep Singh has also tested positive for COVID-19 which makes him the sixth player in the team to be infected by the virus. The Sports Authority of India stated this news on Monday. Mandeep Singh is now in the hospital with the other five players. Doctors in Bengaluru are treating him along with them. He was asymptomatic which increases the risk of other players contracting the virus too. So, the other players will be undergoing a checkup once again for the virus.

Mandeep Singh started early, playing for Surjit Hockey Academy situated in his hometown Jalandhar, Punjab. In 2012, the Ranchi Rhinos brought him in, in the first-ever Hockey India League. In 2013, his performance was quite impressive. He made his debut for the Indian National field Hockey team on 18th February 2013 against Fiji. They won the game with a score of 16-0. He scored his first international goal against Oman where they won by a score of 9–1. Mandeep Singh is a great forward for the team. His absence will definitely affect the team’s performance. The team will resume their campaign on 10th April 2021. We hope that till then, all the players will be back on the field continuing to excel in their sport. We will keep you updated on the latest news about the team and the players. Until then, stay tuned and stay safe.

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