Max Verstappen Defeats Mercedes to bag the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

Max Verstappen defeats Mercedes to bag the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix
Red Bulls' Max Verstappen defeats Mercedes to win 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

Red Bulls’ Max Verstappen won the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix on Sunday which was held at Silverstone. Lewis Hamilton who is a part of Mercedes’ run and become came out to be the closest challenger. Defeating Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton dominated the race and got 30 points clear. Hamilton has won the World Championship 6 times and is compared with Michael Schumacher’s record of 155 podium finishes. Schumacher was an athlete for Ferrari. Hamilton has also one extra point for the fastest lap.

Bottas controlled the early speed of the race very well but Verstappen went past him after the first pit stop. Bottas ended up 3rd and was not happy with the way Mercedes had planned the strategy. He said that the team did not work together and mistakes were made. After Max overtook him, there was no strategy that could give him the lead back. Bottas wanted to go faster but instructions were given to maintain the tires in good conditions. The tires were the priority rather than winning or losing. After the first lap, he expected opportunities might come ahead of the race but during the last lap the tires had given out completely. Bottas was angry and frustrated and said it was Mercedes’ fault as they left the door wide open to win.

Max Verstappen defeats Mercedes to bag the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix
Red Bulls’ Racing Driver Max Verstappen.

Ross Brawn, who was a team principal at Benetton till 1995 and headed Ferrari from 2000 to 2004 said that the maths reminded him of Michael Schumacher. He worked with Schumacher during his time in Ferrari and believes that Max has the same capacity. Max was fourth on the grid but ended up beating the dominating Mercedes cars till he reached the finish line.

Max Verstappen’s limit cannot be judged by the limit of the car. Verstappen’s driving shows the confidence that he has in himself and the team. He is an exceptional racing driver and will surely be a renowned name in racing. Formula 1 cars are incredibly sensitive as even if the same driver drove the same car next week, the results will be different. The race showed Mercedes struggling and Verstappen taking his first 2020 win. This has brought more into the competition.

Max Verstappen defeats Mercedes to bag the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix
Max Verstappen lifting the German Grand Prix.

Teams spend a huge fortune in building and understanding tires as they enhance the performance of the car. One mistake and hours of work will lead to nothing during the race. During the race, Mercedes’ weakness was exposed where the car cannot transfer its performance in the tracks. The tires were splitting open as the race went ahead and preserving the rubber was the priority. If next weekend Mercedes struggles again, Verstappen can get a second win and Red Bull can give out some serious competition.

Max Emilian Verstappen is the youngest driver to compete in Formula 1, when he was 17. Currently, competing under Red Bull racing Max has been giving head to head to some veteran racers in the tracks. We will soon get to know what the fate of the teams will be. Let us know in the comments section, Will Max be able to get a second Win against Mercedes?

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