Charlie Woods – Son of Tiger Woods Wins The Junior Golf Tournament

Charlie Woods, son of Tiger Woods wins the Junior Golf tournament
Charlie Woods, son of Tiger Woods wins the Junior Golf Tournament.

Charlie Woods, the familiar-sounding name came out top in the US Kids Golf event which was held in Palm City, Florida. He is the son of Tiger Woods and has been following his father’s footsteps to become a star in the same sport. The 11-year old shot three-under in nine holes at Hammock Creek Golf Course. He won the tournament by five shots and hitting three birdies.

With his father watching him play, Junior Woods has surely been showing amazing performance. Tiger admitted saying that he was jealous of his kid and wished he had his moves. Charlie has been asking all the right questions and has started understanding the game in a competition. Tiger mentioned that he could only relive his childhood moments through Charlie. However, it would have been amazing if he could turn his head and swing like his baby. The father-son duo shows a very close bond by being present during each other’s each and every competition.

Charlie Woods, son of Tiger Woods wins the Junior Golf tournament
Tiger Woods (right-most) accompanies his son Charlie Woods as his caddy in a Junior Golf Tournament.

Before Charlie won all this competition during certain tournaments of Tiger they were shot together and the pictures went viral. Tiger mentioned that he wanted his kids Sam and Charlie to have a normal life. He wanted them to go to soccer practice with their friends or competing in various tournaments. Although Tiger Woods is one of the most famous sports stars in the world, he has always said that success and fame have their consequences and they are not very good. The privacy of an individual gets totally killed after they get a certain amount of fame. With Tiger’s incredible accomplishments, his family was surely a part of the spotlight. After getting involved in a sex scandal, his wife divorced him but he has worked hard for his children.

Tiger said that he wanted his kids to understand Golf as a sport and not just pain. He was referring to all the injuries that he had to go through in his entire career. During his match at the Open Championship and his 15th major win, his kids witnessed his game. They had come to support him. Tiger is giving his boy Charlie exposure to the field of golf. Earlier, many assumed Charlie playing sport was just part of his hobby. But, now it seems like that he has been training to get into the profession. He is surely Golf’s next up-and-coming star. For more such updates, stay tuned.

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