Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman Suspended for Anti-Gay Slur

Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman gets Suspended for uttering Anti-Gay Slur
Thom Brennaman suspended for uttering an Anti-Gay Slur.

Thom Brennaman who has been the broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds since a very long time has been suspended. On Wednesday, during Cincinnati’s match against Kansas City, Brennaman was heard using homophobic slurs with his mic on. Later on, the game was pulled off and he was suspended. After the channel returned from a commercial break, Brennaman was unaware that he was on air while saying what he said. During the second game, he left the booth and apologized. He begged for forgiveness as the video was put up on social media and was soon trending. He was heard saying “One of the f*** capitals of the world”. Soon after that, he went to read a promotion of the Networks Pre-game show and the clips started to get viral.

On Wednesday, the red stated that they were devastated by the comment and it was the horrendous homophobic remark. The team then went on to apologize to the LGBTQ Plus Community. They said that they were truly sorry if the remark has offended anyone. They even assured that actions will be taken as they have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bias or discrimination. Brennaman then gave out his own apology on how ashamed he was. He also said that this will probably be the last time he will be putting the headset. People commented that saying things on the microphone defines you as a person because people are conscious when they know they are on air.

Thom Brennaman’s full name is Thomas Wade Brennaman and he is an American TV sportscaster. He is also the son of the former radio sportscaster of Cincinnati Reds, Marty Brennaman. In 1988, his father had a similar incident. It was during his time as a sportscaster for the University of Kentucky and Austin Peay. While adjusting his headset, the director commented saying to make sure his hair is alright as the Kentucky fans are watching. He then responded saying “Kentucky fans can kiss my a**”. After that, he had to give out a personal apology to everyone who was offended. As of now, Thom Brennaman has been suspended. Now, we will have to wait to find out what the final decision of Cincinnati Reds will be about him.

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