Ron Rivera – Head Coach of Washington Football has been Diagnosed with Cancer

Ron Rivera Head Coach Of Washington Football Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer
Ron Rivera, Head Coach of Washington Football has been diagnosed with Cancer recently.

On Thursday, reports revealed that the first-year coach of Washington Football, Ron Rivera has squamous cell carcinoma, and they have detected a lymph node. He is undergoing treatment, and it can severely injure his immune system, thereby increasing his chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus. The cancer is at an early stage, and that is very treatable. When asked Rivera, he said that he is not scared. But, he is a little angry as he thought that he has been at his best health condition. According to Mayo, squamous cell cancer is a form of skin cancer that is not life-threatening. But, it can lead to severe complications and can spread throughout the body. In early July, a lump was found on his neck. After a couple of weeks, it did not go, and so he visited a doctor. After going to the doctor, he was diagnosed with cancer. He went on to consult several specialists, and they suggested a well-detailed treatment plan where he had to undergo five treatments per week for 7 weeks.

Ron Rivera Head Coach Of Washington Football Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer
Ron Rivera during his time as Coach at Carolina Panthers.

Rivera said that he will continue coaching and that nothing will cause changes in his job. Even the doctors encouraged him to continue all the physical activities. Rivera said that in case he wouldn’t be able to coach, he has a plan B, but no more information has been revealed. Plans have been made for Del Rio to step in case Rivera was unavailable. They said that Rivera would probably miss the weekends and not the game. Rivera explained the situation to the team calmly. During the video conference on Tuesday, Rivera appeared to be normal and has been working in full pads. The team has shown support for him and said that they trust him. Rivera has been with the team through thick and thin. Be it off-field issues, team name changes, sexual harassment allegations, or the pandemic.

Who is Ron Rivera?

Ronald Eugene Rivera, who is currently 58 is the coach for the Washington Football Team of the NFL. He has been nicknamed Riverboat Ron. Rivera started playing in 1980 when he was a part of his college football team at the University of California, Berkeley. After his graduation, he joined Chicago Bears and played with them for nine years winning the Superbowl XX. He began as a quality control coach for Chicago Bears in 1997. In 2011, he was the head coach for Carolina Panthers. Then, the Panthers fired him in 2019, mid-way through the season. As a result, he then joined the Washington Football Team. After his brother Mickey passed away due to cancer, he has been active with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. After his brother’s death, he started valuing health more than anything. Rivera will soon be back to kill it in the field. Till then, stay tuned for more such updates.

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