Gaurav Khanna Gets Dronacharya Award

Gaurav Khanna gets Dronacharya Award
Para-Badminton Coach Gaurav Khanna has been recommended for the Dronacharya Award.

Today we’ll be talking about Dronacharya Award winner Gaurav Khanna. Para-badminton is a category of the Badminton sport specially organized for athletes with some physical disabilities. Para-badminton used to have a special governing board for it called the Para-Badminton World Federation. But, after June 2011, the Badminton World Federation took over to be the main governing body of this sport. It is classified into three types. The first type is the Wheelchair that has two classes, namely WH1 and WH2. In WH1, the players who have both their lower limbs impaired and require a wheelchair to play are in this class. In WH2, the players who have only one lower leg impairment or both lower limb impairment and also in trunk function are classified.

The second type is called Standing, which is classified into 3, namely SL3, SL4, and SU5. In SL3, the players who have impairment on both lower limbs and cannot walk/run properly are considered. For SL4, it is the same thing as SL3 but in this, the walking disabilities of the players are worse than the SL3 players. In SU5, the players who have upper limb impairment are considered. The last category is the Short Stature, where a player has short stature caused by genetic conditions is considered.

Gaurav Khanna gets Dronacharya Award
Dronacharya Award winner Gaurav Khanna with his student at an event.

This sport has competitions such as Para-badminton World Championships, Asian Para Games, and ASEAN Para Games. It will also feature in the 2020 Paralympic Games, Tokyo. The coach for the national Para-badminton team is Gaurav Khanna. He is a former national badminton player who used to play for team India. He is the person because of whom the Para-badminton has come into the limelight in India. Khanna has already won the Yash Bharti Award in 2016 for promoting this beautiful sport in the country. In 2017, he received the Guru Gobind Singh Award from the Bihar Government. He has trained many athletes such as Pramod Bhagat, Sukant Kadam, Manoj Sarkar, and many more. He has won many medals coaching for this team.

Gaurav Khanna gets Dronacharya Award
More than 300 medals have been won by disciples who have trained under Gaurav Khanna.

As a result of all this, he is going to receive the Dronacharya Award. It is an honor to the country’s top coach. The award will be presented to him by honorable President Ram Nath Kovind on the 29th of August, 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the award will be given through an online function from the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Gaurav Khanna is truly an inspiration and totally deserves the award. He has dedicated his whole life coaching the physically disabled athletes. He has really proven that anything is possible and there are no excuses for success. We congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts and hope that he keeps winning more trophies and awards for the country in the future.

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