Mike Milbury Faces Backlash for Calling Women a Disruption

Mike Milbury faces backlash for calling women a disruption
Mike Milbury faces major backlash after calling women a disruption.

On Thursday, analyst Brian Boucher asked Mike Milbury about discussing NHL playoff bubble activities. Boucher stated that the environment is amazing as it is for the people who enjoy playing and staying with the teams for a long time. To this, Milbury responded, saying that also there are no women to disrupt the focus. The statement that he passed was said to be insensitive and insulting. The NHL commented on his statement saying that it does not reflect on the values of NHL. The game welcomes everyone irrespective of gender. Milbury was supposed to work for Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadians on Friday but NBC maimed him out. Milbury will continue to work on the second round with NBC Toronto Broadcast.

Mike Milbury faces backlash for calling women a disruption
Mike Milbury, during a news interview in 2005.

After the event, Milbury apologized on Friday, stating that his intention was not to disrespect anyone. The comment was irrelevant, and the mistake has been taken seriously by him. He also stated that he would be stepping down from his position for the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. His presence will interfere with the athletes and can be a distraction from the actual sport. Milbury has been a part of such controversies previously. During a game in 2012, he commented that Dan Bylsma, the coach of Penguins, should take off his skirt and go-to guide the team. In 2011, he compared Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin as ‘Thelma & Louise’. During a match between Canadians and Pittsburgh Penguins, he commented that the empty arena was like a college women’s hockey game. He has passed numerous misogynist comments and women have made rebuttals through social media.

Mike Milbury faces backlash for calling women a disruption
Mike Milbury (left-most) during his time at Boston Bruins.

Jeremy Roenick, who was also a lead analyst at the NBC Sports, passed an inappropriate comment about his co-workers. Patrick Sharp and Kathryn Tappen were the ones about whom a comment was made. He asked if Sharp, his wife, and Tappen would to go to bed together, it would be really good. He was then fired. Currently, Roenick is suing NBC for wrongful termination where he was discriminated against for being a straight male.

Who is Michael Milbury?

Michael Milbury is a famous former Ice Hockey player who played for the Boston Bruins for 12 seasons. He then went on to work as an Assistant General Manager for the head coach of Boston, Harry Sinden. Then, he worked as the general manager for New York Islanders. He has worked as a studio analyst for NESN, NBC, and Versus. Nowadays, the amount of offensive comments has been increasing, but surprisingly, people are taking action rather than keeping quiet. Let us wait to find out when Milbury will be back.

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