Asus ROG Swift Monitor with 360Hz, 6E Wifi Routers and Gaming Accessories Launched

Asus ROG Swift Monitor with 360Hz, 6E Wifi Routers and Gaming Accessories Launched

The new Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR and PG259QN are both Full-HD 1920x1080p gaming monitors with a 24.5-inch display and also hold Fast IPS panels. In addition to its lineup of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 GPUs on new Strix, TUF Gaming, and Dual series graphics cards, Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) have also revealed a whole lineup of new and enhanced gaming products.

These include a mouse, a mouse surface, a headset, a keyboard, a PC cooling fan, and a high-speed Wi-Fi router. Gamers who want to level up in terms of performance and features Asus introducing called “Meta Buffs” which was unveiled in a live-streamed event.

Asus ROG Swift Monitor with 360Hz, 6E Wifi Routers and Gaming Accessories Launched

Both the new monitors PG259QN and PG259QNR with a 24.5-inch display full-HD 1920x1080p with Fast IPS panels gaming monitors. Asus aimed at esports enthusiasts and professionals. Both support HDR10 color output with Nvidia’s G-Sync variable refresh rate technology. New PG259QNR additionally features Nvidia’s new Reflex Latency Analyser capability of the GeForce RTX 30 series. After analyzing the latency between a mouse click and content on the display updating, this monitor allows for games to optimize frame delivery for increased responsiveness.

Next, the ROG Swift PG329Q with 2560×1440 display with a 175Hz refresh rate and Fast IPS panel at  32-inch QHD, allow those who use their pc not just for creative working but also improves there gaming experience at the large display. It also works with the variable refresh rate and offers 98 percent DCI-P3 gamut coverage and Extreme Low Motion Blur sync (EMLB).

Asus ROG Swift Monitor

The world’s first Wi-Fi 6E router is claimed by Asus the ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 gaming router. The company is holding the advantage of expanded bandwidth and 160Mhz channels in the Wi-Fi 6E standard.  The tri-band router also allows the WAN aggregation for speeds of up to 2Gbps and has a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port for fast wired connections. The maximum throughput is said to be 11,000Mbps. It also has a 1.8GHz CPU and has 1GB of RAM to avoid slow down.

When it comes to peripherals, the new Asus ROG Strix Scope RX keyboard features a wobble-free stabilized design with new custom ROG RX Red optical key-switches featuring embedded RGB LEDs. Asus Guarantees a 100-million keypress lifespan with instantaneous activation. Tt is s IP56 water and dust resistant and features quick shortcuts optimized for FPS gaming with customizable RGB lighting and a USB 2.0 passthrough port.

As of their gaming mouse, the ROG Keris wireless mouse connects over fast proprietary 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth LE, or wired USB while charging. It is as light as 79g and is designed for pro esports gaming. It can go up to 16000dpi sensitivity and Asus’ own ROG microswitches. Also, allow customizable buttons as well as colors. The ROG Scabbard II mouse mat is large enough for a keyboard, mouse, and other gear. It holds Nano coating for water and oil-repellant and fabric texture.

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