Lyon Wins UEFA Women’s Champions League 2019/20

Lyon Crowned As UEFA Women's Champions League 2019/20
Olympique Lyonnais crowned as the champions of the UEFA Women's Champions League.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League is an international women’s football competition that was previously known as UEFA Women’s Cup. The top European clubs compete in this competition. It was founded in 2001 and played its 19th edition this season. Just like the UEFA Champions League, the UWCL is also very exciting. Although in the Women’s Champions League there were no group stages till now, from 2020/21 season onwards it is said that there will he group stages.

Lyon Crowned As UEFA Women's Champions League 2019/20
Yesterday night, Lyon and Wolfsburg played the finals for the UWCL title.

On Sunday, the final of the competition was played between Wolfsburg and Lyon. Wolfsburg knocked out Barcelona and Lyon defeated Paris Saint Germain in the semi-finals. Both the teams have great talents in them and everyone knew that this was going to be an exciting final. Even though the fans do not support the Women’s Champions League much in comparison to the men’s edition of the league, the players still give their best on the field and have the same amount of enthusiasm.

Match Summary:

Both the teams that made it to the finals were in a great form as they both beat some elite clubs in the semi-finals. This is the second time both the teams are meeting in a Champions League Finals. They also met in the 2018 UWCL finals where Lyon thrashed Wolfsburg by a score of 4-1. Lyon has already won the league 6 times before this and Wolfsburg have won it 2 times. Lyon is the most successful team in the UWCL and have also won the last 4 titles consecutively.

It was matchday and everybody was ready to see a great match. The first goal of the match was scored by Eugenie Le Sommer for Lyon in the 25th minute. She first tried an attempt with her right foot which was saved by the goalkeeper but it came back to her after getting deflected and she finished it off in the bottom left corner of the net with her left foot. Lyon was putting great pressure on their opponents. Just before halftime, the midfielder Saki Kumagai made it 2-0 for Lyon. The score at halftime was 2-0 and Wolfsburg had to own the game from now on.

Lyon Crowned As UEFA Women's Champions League 2019/20
Lyon’s player Sara Gunnarsdóttir did not celebrate after scoring out of respect to her former club Wolfsburg.

The second half was going pretty good for Wolfsburg, but all of their attempts were off-target. In the 57th minute, Alexandra Popp scored for Wolfsburg. This goal did give a ray of hope to the Wolfsburg side. But unfortunately, it was the only goal of the match for Wolfsburg, to be precise it was also the only shot on goal for them. Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir sealed the win for Lyon by scoring the third goal for her team which was assisted by Sommer. The score after the finals whistle was 3-1 and Lyon won their fifth consecutive UWCL title. Now, Lyon have won 7 titles in UWCL and proved that they are still the best.

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