Raina Hints At Return To IPL In UAE

Raina Hints At Return To IPL In UAE
Suresh Raina says that he might return to UAE to join the CSK squad for IPL 2020.

Everyone is well informed of the fact that Suresh Raina had to back out of IPL 2020 owing to some personal reasons. Later on, it was revealed that it was due to the sudden demise of his uncle and the rest of the family’s critical situation. CSK is in a huge mess as after Raina’s exit, 13 people from the squad and the support staff tested positive for COVID-19. Now, Raina has made a statement hinting at the possibility of his return for his side. He also defied all the claims of having a dispute with his team. If this happens, CSK fans will be delighted to have their Mr. IPL back. Let us see further in the article what did the former Indian cricketer say.

Raina Hints At Return To IPL In UAE
Raina said that Mahi Bhai (Dhoni) is really important to him.

What did Raina say in the interview?

Raina gave an interview to Cricbuzz a day ago. He cleared the air saying that the reports of him having a fall out with the team are totally false. He said that he had some immediate matters at home that needed his presence. As a result, he had to come back to India on such a short notice. He also stated that nothing had happened between him and MS Dhoni as there were rumors that the duo had a dispute. He said that CSK was like a family to him and Mahi Bhai (Dhoni) was of utmost importance to him. “Nobody would turn on a contract of Rs 12.5 crore without having a legitimate reason”, he said.

Raina Hints At Return To IPL In UAE
Raina told Cricbuzz that N. Srinivasan is like a father-figure to him.

Then, Raina also mentioned how N Srinivasan is like his father, and the comments that the latter had made were before he knew why Raina had left. After returning to India, Raina had a word with him and everything was sorted. Srinivasan treats him like a younger son. So now, everything was clear as crystal. He then talked about how BCCI and the team management were taking care of everything. Even though it was new for everyone, the job the management was doing was really commendable. The players were always asked to stay in their rooms and every 2 days, a PCR test was conducted.

What did he say about his family? Will he be returning?

Talking about his family, he said that he was always worried about his family. The thought of what would happen to his family if something happens to him used to trouble him all the time. His family is the most important to him. He was really concerned for them at the time of this pandemic. He was missing his children and wife but will be seeing them soon. On the topic of the attack on his uncle, he said it was a time of distress for his family. As a son, it was his responsibility to be with his family at these difficult times. He will be meeting his parents and his bua once his quarantine period is over.

Raina Hints At Return To IPL In UAE
Raina said that he was missing his family during his trip to the UAE.

Finally, when asked about his future with CSK, he responded saying that he might return to the CSK camp. Even after being in quarantine in India, he had been training. So, a return to UAE is always possible. Talking about the long journey, he said that he is still young. His retirement from the international team does not indicate anything. If possible, he would definitely love to play for CSK for 4-5 years more. With this, Raina has given the CSK fans a hope that he might make a sudden return to IPL 2020 just like his exit. It will surely be good if he returns as people would love to see Mr. IPL play for his side. Let us know in the comments section whether you think the 33-year old will be returning.

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