After Epic Games breach of Apple App store Contract Apple Countersues Epic to seek damages

After the battle of two major companies known as Apple and Epic Games. So why this happened, well Epic games allegedly try to bypass apple app purchase where you buy in-game currency to use. Here every time buying something from the game will lead to an Apple app store app purchase in which Apple gets to take 30 percent of the total sale as they allowed the app in their app store. Epic game’s biggest success known as Fortnite, finally have a mobile edition that was available in the Apple app store and google play store. And as per there terms and services, developers cannot bypass this system.

So what happens here that cause all, as Epic games best cash cow Fortnite is famous on PC without any hindrance is also get famous on smartphones as well, they don’t like to give there 30 percent earning to apple so they create a new system in an update in which players could directly buy V-bucks which is Fortnite in-game currency, and as per Apple and Google contract this was a violation of rule so they decide to ban Fortnite from there App store, which ended up Epic Games suing Apple for the ban they put on the Fortnite.

And now Apple decides to seek damages from Epic games as they allegedly breach their contract policy. In a new turn of events of two giant companies ongoing legal fight taking another turn as apple decides to countersue the Epic games for the damages, they have cost to Apple. Epic’s flagrant disregard for its contractual commitments and other offense has caused significant harm to Apple, as fighting a legal battle can cost millions of dollars. Especially between 2 major companies.

Both party cases and reasons look solid, it is hard to say who is going to win this legal battle. According to epic games as the Fortnite is a famous game and people like to spend their money on they were not happy about Apple taking a total of 30 percent of the income made by Fortnite, but on the other hand, Epic does sign the contract with Apple is to give 30 percent of the total earning to Apple if they are going to put it onto the Apple app store and hence Epic is the one who breached the contract, not Apple, Its looks like Apple has an upper hand in the Battle of Epic games and Apple. Yet nothing is confirmed as the judgment is still not confirmed of who is going to win and who is going to lose this battle. But one thing is confirmed that if Epic loses this battle they are going to some major money lose in the situation.

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