Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Information Leaked: Images, Specifications, and Price

With Huawei being the center of attention for a while now, we have got another leak from the Huawei tech, and this time it’s about the GT 2 Pro watch that we all tech freaks have been waiting for. We all knew that the company is up to making at least one smart wearable. Since every other competitor has already launched or is working on a smart wearable, and if this leak turns out to be legit, then the new Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is going to be worth every cent you spend on it. So without any further ado, let’s start with the details.

As per our sources, the watch is said to have a battery life that lasts up to two weeks, and that’s not it. As the name suggests, it’s a modification to the previous series of the company. So, it seems the company did its job in figuring out the cons out of the previous product and making it the best model of Huawei technology.

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The watch is said to have a classic and a sports variant with Nebula Grey and Night Black color. There are also high chances of the watch being available in Sports and Elite editions. Unfortunately for us, the leak doesn’t reveal much info regarding the dimensions and differences between the old models and this one. Leaving the entire guesswork on us. But for a while, let’s keep “what we didn’t get” from the leaks aside and focus on the leaks we got from the watch.

(As per GSM Arena, the watch will be featuring water resistance for 5 Metres in water. There will be more than 100 new exercising modes, an advanced GPU system, wireless charging, speaker on board, and a new, improved battery that will make the watch run for weeks. Since the previous GT 2 and Magic Watch 2 have had a disadvantage at notification handling, we strongly believe that there are going to be some big updates contemplating this in the upcoming model. Whatsoever, let us hope for the best and see for ourselves what Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro has to offer. There will surely be an uprise of price in this model, but it is a little too early for us to predict that.)

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