PUBG Mobile Lite – All a Hardcore Player Must Know.

PUBG mobile Lite

One of the most famous games in the world that have grown its users and popularity by the best features and updates has come up with yet again a new update of 0.19.0. This new update has arrived with many changes and features. PUBG mobile lite is a lightweight version of the heavyweight original PUBG mobile.

The PUBG lite has been designed to run on the mobiles, which have lower RAM like 1GB or 2GB and low storage. There is a new version of this game in the market that is recently introduced in the market. The new, updated version has fixed all the bugs and glitches. Tencent Games, the Chinese company, has now introduced the payload in the PUBG lite also. This has introduced new vehicles and feature adjustments.

PUBG mobile Lite

PUBG is becoming an addiction is today’s generation. Those who do not have high storage and RAM on their mobile can also play PUBG  now. This PUBG mobile Lite has come with many new and fantastic changes, here is a concise list of the major feature changes and introduction.

  1. The anniversary board is no longer visible as PUBG has removed it as they claim that the first anniversary period is already over.
  2. In older versions, gamers are finding it difficult to find vehicles to move all around. So, PUBG new update has introduced autorickshaw to carry the players from one place to another.
  3. A model of car “Mirado” has been introduced in the garage, which will help users to add new things.
  4. A number of bugs have been fixed in this new update of PUBG mobile Lite.
  5. The zombie mode has been reintroduced in the PUBG mobile Lite.
  6. The new version of PUBG mobile lite has removed payload mode and has changed the main lobby.
  7. The size of the game is also updated. The update is of 330MB, and for new users, the size is of 530MB.
  8. The players who will buy the Battle pass in PUBG lite updated version for the first time will now get an extra additional point card.
  9. The player return event and the user interface has also been changed in the updated version.

There are many new things in the latest version of PUBG lite, which will provide a unique gaming experience to the gamers.

Other improvements in the new PubG mobile Lite

Other improvements that the newer version will provide is the smooth gaming experience in mobile that have low gaming features, and a better battery usage time. This version promises to reduce the occurrences of lags between the game so that you can win or lose all on your account. In this version of the game, there have been added buttons for Scope and Peek that can rotate the camera angles without much struggle.

During parachuting at the beginning of the game or any other point, there have been improvements in altitude display that will facilitate a better experience. The custom control panels have also been improved for supreme user experience and a preview has been introduced for seeing the effects of any energy boost accessories.

Prime user experience has been ensured so let’s be patient and calm and play the game!

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