Users Reports Jio for Blocking the Twitch During IPL Cricket 2020

Jio, India’s one of the biggest telecommunication service provider, which blows the Indian market with its new and unique plans, Jio ended up taking the crown when it comes to telecom operators. But in recent days, both Reliance Jio and Jio Fiber subscribers are reporting that Twitch is being blocked by the Jio operators.

So why is this happening? Especially at the same time when the IPL 2020 cricket tournament started. The reason is that Anonymous users start to stream IPL matches live on there twitching streams, with some of them holding more than 150,000 views. Jio users have reached to Reddit and India Broadband Forum to complain of the blocking of Twitch streams. Users believe that Jio is blocking Twitch to prevent users from watching these pirated streams as Hotstar has held the ‘exclusive digital streaming’ rights for all the cricket matches in IPL.

To watch IPL 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar, people have to subscribe to the company’s annual VIP subscription, at the least, that costs about Rs. 399. But Twitch is a live streaming platform, and it is known well in the gaming community for live game streaming, which gives us a gist of how influential twitch platform is, so few members were streaming IPL 2020 matches as well streams are attracting massive views. One such stream is reported to have gotten 1.5 lakh viewers. Users claim that Jio may be blocking Twitch due to these live streams as IPL matches streaming rights are exclusive to Disney+ Hotstar.

Even after these many options, subscribers are using Twitch to watch IPL matches for free. As streaming IPL matches on Twitch and getting a lot of views and with some of them even donating money on their those streams. Jio might not remove the ban on Twitch until they do something about all the illegal IPL streaming on their platform, as they are harming the business of Disney+ Hotstar, who owns the legal rights on streaming these matches. Even after these many options, subscribers are using Twitch to watch IPL matches for free.

But as of now, we have no idea of the exact reason why Jio is banning Twitch from their services. All points above are just the speculation of the users who are dealing with these problems, but Jio still doesn’t mention the actual reason for banning Twitch from their services, It could be just a bug, but as we say above, there is no concrete proof of what is happening on their side.

As mentioned, Jio did not offer any clarity on this matter as of yet. If Jio says its reasons for their ban on Twitch, we will try our best to keep you up to date. Stay tuned with more of our articles at ChroniclesPR.

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