Super Mario 3-D Updates and all New Information.

Super Mario 3-D updates

Super Mario 3D World is one of the favorite games of many of us. A lot of childhood memories are connected to the game. This game has gone through many changes for many years, but there are significant changes that have taken place this year. In this article, we are going to talk about the recent updates in Super Mario 3D. There are all the updates and changes through which Super Mario 3-D has gone through. Let’s look at the list.

Super Mario 3-D updates
Super Mario 3-D

Golden Express Stage: There is an arrival of a new stage in the latest update of Super Mario 3-D. Now, you can catch a ride on a golden train that is overflowing with coins. This is a sort of bonus stage where you can increase your coin numbers.

Nintendo Switch: In the new update of Super Mario, they have officially provided us Nintendo Switch which is already an update for players who pick it up.

Captain Toad Levels: Now, in the new update, you will also face new challenges. There is a level where you have to collect five stars in a puzzling 3-D world without jumping. This will be fun for the players.

High Resolution and better game experience: In the recent update, you can enjoy the game experience with high resolution and changed graphics. The user interface has also changed a little, and some new moves are also added to increase the gaming experience. This all has been done to increase the demand for this game, which is growing day by day. The recent update graphics have also improved when compared to previous updates.

Speed Run Levels: There are now some levels that are speed bounded. You have to reach the end with the clock set to 100. There will be a speed game where the number of hurdles will also increase to stop you. This time-bound level must be completed under the count of 100.

Mystery Houses: You will also be facing rapid-fire challenges. If you win these rapid-fire challenges, then you will get green stars that will pave the way towards Mystery House. In the mystery house, you will get enough treasure to increase your coin and life count.

Mostly Boss Blow: In the new update, there is a take on a giant boss as an ever-growing army of clones that will help you in tackling tough levels.

Super Mario 3-D updates
Super Mario 3-D updates

Top-Down Shooter Stage: You will get an opportunity to cut down waves of enemies in an old-school shooter level which will be fun.

Kart-Style Stage: This is an all-new arrival in Super Mario 3-D where you have to dash to the finish level in Mario Kart style.

Unlockable Bonus Game: if you have New Super Luigi U save data, then you can play Luigi Bros right out of the box.

Unlockable 5th character: you can now play as Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and use her spin attack to increase your gaming experience.

So, here are all the updates, now go and enjoy the updated version.


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