You’ve Got This: A Funny Take on Parenthood

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Ahi te Encargo is the Spanish title for the new Mexican film released as You’ve Got This. It is a very charming movie with a fresh take on Parenthood. This movie stands against the stereotypes of the typical movies where the female characters are more eager to have kids and start a family. Instead, in the film, we see the characters playing a reverse role where the male protagonist is desperate to have a kid and start a family with his wife. The latter has a shining career and is a very successful executive worker.

This is about a couple who have been married for three years now. Our couple is Alex, played by Moises Azimendi, and Ceci, played by Tato Alexander. In the movie, we see that Ceci is the more successful one, ready to be promoted and be a powerful executive in her company. Alex, on the other side, is more into starting a family and having a kid. He finds ways to bring the idea to her wife all the time, even though she isn’t sure if she wants to be a mother at all. Once, Alex offered to look after the baby of a local waitress. In a plot twist, the situation complicates when Alex is left with her baby knowing nothing about the waitress’s return. He tries to hide the baby from his wife, Ceci, but it was somewhat difficult to hide a living being. The movie unravels on how they decide to tackle this situation and then the decisions they make. Alex wanted a child but he got it in a different way and now he has to deal with the consequences.

The movie was released on October 2, 2020, on Netflix dubbed in English as it is made in the Spanish language. Tiare Scanda and Leonardo Zimbron wrote this brilliant film, which is directed by the talented director, Salvado Espinosa. According to critics on Rotten Tomato,” You’ve Got This is not laugh-out-loud funny, but it is charming and amusing. It respects the graft a long term relationship needs.”

The film is already released online, and the Netflix subscribers can enjoy the movie now. This is one of the re-released movies done by Netflix. They took a Mexican film and dubbed it so that it can appeal to its mostly English audience. This may distract you as you watch it generally as the lip moment doesn’t match the dialogues. Still, The film is goofy and amiable and can be watched if you want to watch something light. We have good character development and a satisfying plot. We get a few laughs out loud moments, and even though you can predict the end, it is still enjoyable to watch. Stream the movie on Netflix today.

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