Google Pixel 5 is the Latest Pixel Flagship Smartphone

The Google Pixel 5

Google came out with a new phone to add to the series of its pixel lineup. Google has launched the Pixel 5, and it is one of the most exciting phones that Google has put out after a long time. Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 were good, but after that, Google was not able to impress the users in the next two. This is the reason people fall off the Pixel brand. But this time, Google has come up with something exciting to take back its place in popular phones.

The “A” series of Google was pretty much on point, but the flagship and other stuff in the model did not prove useful for the user, which led to the decrement in the production and sale. The flagship stuff became less appealing, and the previous models were also not up to the standard. The Pixels customers were expecting some improvement in the next model from the brand, things like better pricing, bigger batteries, wide-angled cameras.

Google finally went a step ahead this time. The new Google Pixel 5 is somewhat the best piece from Google this year. There is everything on this phone that people expect from the Pixel brand. The hardware looks lovely, and the price is also feasible and in line with the provided features. Pixel 5 will start at 700 dollars. The pricing of the system is very appropriate according to the looks and hardware of the system.

The Google Pixel 5 is running the snapdragon 765G process, and which is a high-end chip with 5G built-in. This chip was seen in the Samsung devices previously. It is a great value for the performance and helps keep the price down while losing little on flagship standards. You can run everything processor-intensive like playing games, running demanding software, and using multiple apps at a time. You can only tell the difference between snapdragon 765G and 800G when you are playing really demanding 3-D games. The phone also comes with 8GB Ram and 128GB storage.

The other thing which I have to mention is the battery size. The Google 5 pixel battery is huge compared to other Pixel mobiles with 4000mAh capacity. One thing which will amaze you is that Pixel 5 is smaller and lighter than Pixel 4, but the battery in Pixel 5 has like 30% more capacity than Pixel 4. This solves all the battery problems that were seen with the Pixel 4.

The back of Google Pixel 5 comes with a fingerprint sensor and three cameras with different modes, and a flashlight. The main dual camera is 12.2-MP, along with a 16-MP ultra-wide camera. There is also the hole-punch 8-MP front camera. Pixel 5 retains the impressive photo and video quality like its predecessors. A major difference is the aluminum back of the device that supports wireless charging despite the metallic body. Hence, Pixel 5 has a lot to offer this year as it is one of the best products from Google.

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