Robert Downey Jr hints a new Sherlock Series

Robert Downey worked for the MCU for over a decade, and now he has to come up with a new plan as his run as Iron Man ended after the ‘Endgame.’ Robert Downey is showing his new ambitious plans for Sherlock Holmes. He is trying to do something great. For the third time, he will portray one of the iconic detectives on the big screen, Sherlock, on a screen as he plays opposite Jude Law’s Dr. John Watson.

Robert Downey spent a huge amount of time working with MCU, and he is also aware of the tricks to turn the films into a whole franchise. He wishes to perfectly fit into the character that he calls the ‘Mystery-Verse.’ This information has been revealed through the interview held at the Fast Company Innovation Festival a few weeks ago. In the interview, we heard about Robert’s vision and working along with his wife Susan Downey, who is producing the venture, for the upcoming film. Yes, Susan Downey, the wife of Robert Downey, is producing the film that is part of her husband’s ambitious plan.


The interview was long, and they both revealed many things about this dream. They quoted that such a mystery verse has not been built and presented yet. Downey Jr. continues by saying that the author for these films, Conan Doyle is a definitive voice in this area. He also shared some personal things and revealed that instead of a third movie, he would feel more passionate if he can make a spin-off that explores other time periods and elements of this phenomenal franchise.

The couple is trying hard to convert their dream into reality. They are using all their experience and putting their minds and time into it. Susan also elaborated that they think there is an opportunity to build their dream and passion out more. They want to implement their plans by the release on HBO and HBO max. It is not confirmed that they are going to premiere it on HBO and HBO max. Rather it is only the news from the insiders and rumors.


This plan that Robert Downey Jr. and his wife have is to go more in-depth for the successful show and create something great. They plan to expand it this time with the new Sherlock Holmes film that will probably explore all the characters, their backstories and will look at all the elements in a different way. We can guess that all this would be as grand as we are used to with The Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is Robert Dowey Jr., after all. The couple is doing great hard work, and now they are just ready to start the production process. So, get ready to enjoy one of the best mystery series come to life again with RDJ as Sherlock Holmes.

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