The UK bans All Mobile Usage when Driving

UK bans mobile phone during driving

Do you know the new rules that are enforced by the government? If not, then this article is for you. You better get these rules in your mind. Or else, You have to pay a large amount of money to rescue yourself. These rules are for people who live in the UK.

The UK government has enforced a new rule in the county according to which the people who are driving any vehicle cannot use mobile phones for any purpose. If they still use mobile in the Vehicle, they have to pay a high penalty for this. The Department of Transport has proposed this proposal in front of the Government of the UK, and now, after proper recommendations and changes, it got enacted.

According to the Department of Transport, mobile while driving is the main reason behind many accidents. The number of road accidents in the UK has increased in the past few years, and the main reason behind many of those accidents was that the driver was using mobile while driving. The Road Minister of the UK has claimed that our roads are one of the safest roads around the world, but for our betterment, we want them to be safer. In this 21st century, there should not be any death because of road accidents, and to accomplish this goal, we have to take certain measures. So, to move forward on this goal, they have taken this decision to enforce this rule. The rule of not using mobile while driving is a major and dramatic rule taken by the UK government.

UK bans mobile phone during driving

It is obvious that mobile while driving creates a distraction and is the main reason behind the slowdown of reflexes. When you are distracted, your reflexes automatically slow down, which is the main reason behind the accidents. The driver can use the “Hands-free” mode available in many means of transport, also called cruise mode. There are also conditions on using this mode, as you can only use this mode on the highway. You cannot use this mode on any other road or area except highway, that too very carefully.

Many expectations also comply with this rule. Like, you can use a mobile phone if your vehicle is stationary. Imagine a situation, you have to pay something through your mobile, then what you can do is to, aside from your car or vehicle, turn off the engine, and then take out your mobile. This way, you will not break the rule and not have to give any penalty.

The rule is good. It can be difficult for the drivers to implement this in starting. Let’s hope for the best and comment on your views about this new rule.

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