Netflix Partners With NAZ, Science Saru, MAPPA & Studio Mir

Netflix Announces New Partnerships With NAZ, Science Saru, MAPPA, Studio Mir

Netflix’s streaming service has shared a piece of big news among the audience. It is all set to share several new anime series on the platform that would help Netflix go toe to toe with the competitors like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. The streaming platform also has some more surprises in their store as they have announced partnerships with some of the most popular and massive big-time animation studios. Netflix has declared that it will be collaborating with some of the anime streaming platforms to give its users and anime die-hard fans more content and dramas on Netflix.

The step is taken to increase the anime output on Netflix so that anime lovers won’t have to look further and can watch their favorite animes by subscribing to their Netflix accounts. As per the official reports, the worldwide streaming platform of Netflix will be signing partnerships with some of the anime studios, which include NAZ, Science SARU, MAPPA, and South Korea’s Studio Mir, proving that Netflix is definitely preparing to go big as their original anime like Yasuke, Pacific Rim Black, and Godzilla Singular Point is in production.

Netflix Announces New Partnerships With NAZ, Science Saru, MAPPA, Studio Mir

On top of this, Netflix is also planning to acquire some of the massive hit anime series that are already being brought to the platforms, include JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan and High Rise Invasion. These big anime studios are being added to the partnerships with Netflix, which have already been established with the numerous likes of Studio Bones and Production I.G. It is pretty much clear that Netflix will become one of the highly designated and established premier outlets for anime.

The good news came right after Netflix signed partnerships with Anima, David Production, and Sublimation. For all the worldwide fans of anime, this is a piece of incredible news and are advised to stay tuned as Netflix is going to release some great titles and shows soon. The announcement was officially made with an Instagram post made by Netflix, which states that this world’s future looks more animated than ever. We are all ready to partner with four more studios to bring the best anime for our viewers and audience. Our collaborating studios include NAZ, Science SARU, MAPPA, and Studio Mir after joining a line-up of heavy hitters, which include Production I.G, Bones, Anime, Sublimation, and David Production.

The “New production Line Partnerships” for all of the studios means that Netflix will have a seat on its Production Committee because of these upcoming projects and collaborations with several studios. The committee for various anime most likely includes those companies ranging from the publisher, a manufacturer for merchandise, and licensing or streaming platforms to distribute the titles and more aspects of the shows. Considering that Netflix’s platform is both an original content producer and one of the largest digital video streaming platforms in the world, it basically means that pretty much everything that is coming out or will come out on the studios, as mentioned earlier, will have their content streaming on Netflix as well.

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