PBS Drama is Starring Hugh Laurie Playing a Politician

In the upcoming PBS Masterpiece series, “Roadkill,” Hugh Laurie is all set to play the character of Peter Laurence. Peter is portrayed as a middle-aged man who fights scandal after scandal in order to remain near the top of the greasy political poles. The TV series, Roadkill, focuses on a certain kind of conservatism that has been in power in the United Kingdom for the last 50 years, as claimed by the creator of the show David Hare. He remarked that the last six generations in Britain have been orthodox and conservative in nature. That is why England is considered to be a conservative country and is behind its time. He further added that we, as people, vote in Conservatives whenever we can, and that is our biggest default position as an individual. Yet, it is kind of shocking and extraordinary that how little fiction is there about these stories and also how almost nobody studies and analyses them in a serious manner.

Talking about the show Roadkill, it is a drama that is set out to explore the philosophy of personal responsibility, freedom, and enterprise altogether. The crux of the show guides the lives of many conservatives to shape their lives, which definitely include Peter Laurence. When the role was offered to Laurie, he told the sources that it was an exciting and amazing opportunity for him, and he was immediately fascinated by the character of Peter Laurence. He believes that Peter is someone who the audience will love and hate on equal parameters and in equal measures. The actor claims that viewers will be attracted to his sincerity, nobility, and his true and genuine care for other people on one side. On the contrary, Peter will be highly judged and maybe get accused of his repulsive behavior towards his family and staff.

The show will depict the character of Peter Laurence as a man who has lived a life full of mistakes and errors. The mistakes and blunders committed by him would have ended his political career a long time ago; however, Peter succeeds in simply brushing them off due to the current political climate and scenarios. Laurie says about the character that he is a man who feels highly immune to the idea of shame. According to his theory, public grace is something that no longer exists now in the universe, and it just seems an illusion firm in the past. He adds to his statement that this word has vanished from the dictionary now and, more certainly, among the political class.

Another plotline of the show is the discussion of the U.K. prison system and its inadequacy. Both Harry and Laurie claim that the topic is powerful and must be out among the audience. Laurie remarks about the above statement that putting people in prison and making them suffer won’t do any good to anyone and is expensive at the same time. He further adds that it is a very welcoming thing to put in front of the audience and make them understand what we are trying to achieve and portray with this show.

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