Death Note Season 2, Confirmed but No Production Started

death note season 2

Death Note is a superhit Japanese manga series that is authored and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, respectively. The crux of the story centers around a boy named Light Yagami, who is an expert and stumbles across a mysterious notebook called the “Death Note.” The series is mainly about Yagami, who attempts to use the Death Note to execute massacres of the human population who he thinks are unworthy of living in this world. The main motive behind these executions and killings is the dream of a crime-free world, which Yagami sets in his eyes and tries to achieve through Death Note.

The TV adaptation of the anime premiered for the first time in October 2006 and carried on till June 2007, which consists of 37 episodes in total. After that, Death Note released in several different formats, which include a light novel released in 2006, various video games based on the anime, three live-action movies, a television drama series in the year 2015, and finally, an American film adaptation of the series was also released on Netflix to increase the global approach and range of the anime. And now, speculations have been made about the show that it might return for its second season anytime soon. Let’s get into the details and find out what’s hidden there.

death note season 2

It has been over a decade since the Death Note premiered for the first time, and despite all the multiple adaptations that had been made of the anime, season 2 of Death Note has not happened yet. Now the question arises will fans ever be able to watch the next season of the anime? Let’s find out.

The big news is that season 2 of Death Note is there all over the Internet, and fans want to know whether the creators of the anime are planning to make the second season or not. Even after fourteen years passed by, the series is still loved by its fans all over the world and remained one of the super hit anime of all times.

Today, Death Note is designated as the second highest-rated anime in the world and also comes in the list of top 30 highest-rated TV series of all times. It has been guessed that the officials are finally planning to return with a brand new season of Death Note. Although the chances for this return are higher, there is no official announcement made by the creators of the show about the second season.

In January 2020, the news flashed out about the return of Death Note for a second season after 14 long years to its first release. The revelation was made about the show that the manga adaptation series will continue its original story and will be renewed once again. Ever since the announcement was made, fans started speculating whether Light Yagami will return to the show or not and what will be the storyline of the new season. Fans have also been making several theories about the new season; however, nothing is certain or can be said about the second season.

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