Apple’s M1 Vs Intel’s Core i7: How Do They Compare in Performance?

m1 chip vs intel

To decide which one is better and more effective between Apple M1Chip and Intel, we have to dig deeper into the similarities and differences between the two products. The ultimate comparison is between Apple’s recent launch M1 Mac Mini and Intel Mac Mini Buyer’s Guide. Recently, Apple launched its virtual event, where the company unveiled its latest M1 Chips. After the launch, Apple claimed that the new chips are faster than the Intel Core i7 processors, which were earlier used in the previous generations of MacBook Pro. In November 2020, Apple launched various next-generation models, which started a new tech era, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini.

All these next-gen gadgets will run on the M1 Chip, like the A14 Bionic Chips specially designed for the iPhone 12. Along with this, Apple also revealed other high-end next-gen devices, which are major upgraded and include Thunderbolt Type-C ports, Touch Bar, and SSD integration. In terms of comparing these two products, the M1 Chip would contribute more power than its previous successors, which run on Intel Core i5. The chips are paired with a solid-state drive and 16GB RAM, which will enable the MacBook Pro to deliver amazing and groundbreaking speed and performance. Apple also claims that laptops’ next line versions would give three times faster performance than those with Intel’s best-selling technology.

m1 chip vs intel

The whole Apple processor features 16 billion transistors along with eight central processing cores. In addition to that, Apple’s M1 Chip will optimize its massive battery use, which is enabled particularly on the MacBook Air and can achieve a target of 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of video streaming. As far as the computer’s graphics are concerned, it would also be five times faster with great performance and experience.

The Apple M1 comes with a frequency of 1.80 GHz, while on the other hand, the i7 chips feature a frequency of 2.30 GHz. The single-core Turbo power lacks in the M1 chips where the Apple chips are clocking at the speed of 3.10 GHz as compared to the massive 5.1 GHz of i7. Now talking about the GPU frequency and performance, the overall results of M1 Chips are better as it features a well-packed power housing chip with a GPU frequency of 1.80 GHz with its 0.35 GHz power. Now, as far as the Intel i7 chips are concerned, it comes with a GHz frequency of 0.35, where its turbo power of 1.20 GHz also falls short in front of the M1 Chips.

Other specifications include that the M1 Chip comes with a 5NM technology, used in the latest iPhones. As far as Intel chips are concerned, the i7 is based on the 14NM technology, which is obviously massive. Also, the internal memory of the M1 Chip is 16GB, whereas Intel i7 comes with 64GB memory storage. Apple chips also come with the facility of Gigabit Ethernet, while on the other hand, Intel chips feature both Gigabit Ethernet and optional 10GB Ethernet. Apart from these on-paper specifications, it is hard to judge the efficiency of both chips.

Therefore, it’s better to wait for the launch and see which will succeed in performance. From our predictions, the M1 chip is not going to be as good as Intel’s i7 chips.

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