Star Wars Sequels Did Justice to Their Predecessors, Here’s How

Some followers of the unique trilogy viciously attacked the prequels upon launch for not fairly residing as much as their sky-high expectations. However, these {movies} would come to be seen as misunderstood cult classics when the banality of the sequel trilogy confirmed simply how dangerous a Star Wars trilogy made by the committee may very well be. George Lucas didn’t plan out every single element of the unique and prequel trilogies earlier than embarking on every {movie}, however, he did have a transparent thought of the place the story was going. His unique 1977 Star Wars {movie} informed the story of the Rise up’s first main victory over the Empire, organizing a trilogy arc that will result in the Empire’s defeat.

The sequel trilogy had no roadmap from the start. Kathleen Kennedy employed J.J. Abrams to empty his “thriller fieldthroughout Episode VII with no thought of what any of it meant, then employed Rian Johnson to one way or the other clarify Abrams’ selections in Episode VIII whereas additionally, for some cause, doing a bizarre, slow-paced, distinctly Johnson-Esque deconstruction of the Star Wars mythos, then employed Colin Trevorrow to tug all of the disparate items collectively in an enormous finale, then fired him for having unique concepts, then employed Abrams to stay the touchdown with an overstuffed {movie} that introduces a bunch of recent components in lieu of explaining the pre-existing mysteries.

The characterizations of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren modified from {movie} to {movie}, relying on the whims of no matter screenwriter was calling the pictures at that individual time limit. In contrast, the characters of the prequels are clearly outlined. Even a number of the extra controversial scenes, like Anakin’s monologue about sand, nonetheless contribute to character improvement.

Similar to the Spider-Man trilogy got here from the thoughts of Sam Raimi and The Lord of the Rings trilogy got here from the thoughts of Peter Jackson, the Star Wars prequel trilogy got here from the thoughts of George Lucas. For higher or for worse, his singular artistic imaginative and prescient might be seen guiding the way in which at each stage all through the trilogy.

The sequel trilogy, however, got here vaguely from the thoughts of Kathleen Kennedy, however, she let J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson fill within the specifics with a bunch of contradictory stuff. Within the prequel trilogy, the story of a prodigious younger Jedi turning to the darkish aspect of the Pressure, a thriving democracy being taken over by a dictator, and military being cloned to battle robotic forces had been all brand-new ideas within the Star Wars universe.

The sequel trilogy is stuffed with recycled plots: a struggling insurrection blowing up the planet-destroying superweapon of an evil empire, the hero is revealed to be descended from the villain, the Jedi’s new “chosen one” being skilled by a self-isolated previous grasp — the sequels didn’t deliver many new storylines to the desk.
From the very start, the Star Wars sequel trilogy didn’t know what to do with its characters. All of them had promised of their conception, however, the sequels both bungled the execution (Rey, Kylo Ren) or utterly squandered them (Finn, Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, and so forth.). The character arcs within the sequel trilogy are both non-existent, with every {movie} altering and lowering Finn and Poe’s roles, or muddled, like randomly revealing Rey to be Palpatine’s granddaughter. The prequels’ character arcs had been rather more decisive. Anakin’s fall to the darkish aspect, Palpatine’s manipulation of the Senate, Obi-Wan’s failure to rein in his troubled apprentice — it was all deliberate from the start by a filmmaker with a singular imaginative and prescient.

Nice trilogies aren’t only a {movie} adopted by two sequels; they exist as a single work, tied collectively by themes in addition to story and character. However, the Star Wars sequel trilogy barely qualifies as a trilogy in any respect, as a result of it wasn’t constructed as one cohesive work; it’s a Rian Johnson sandwich on J.J. Abrams bread. The themes of the sequel trilogy contradict one another. Rey accepts that she’s a no person in The Final Jedi however then hijacks the Skywalker identity in The Rise of Skywalker. No less than within the prequel trilogy, the themes of Christianity and corruption and dictators taking up democracies are at all times prevalent.

There are a few minor plot holes within the prequel trilogy, like Obi-Wan’s foggy reminiscence of droid possession, however for essentially the most half, it serves thematically because of the intergalactic tragedy that paved the way in which for Luke Skywalker’s hero’s journey. The operation of a sequel trilogy would technically be to conclude the saga’s thematic arc within the aftermath of the Rise up’s victory over the Empire. However, the sequel trilogy wasn’t really a continuation of the saga. It began out as a tender reboot of the unique trilogy with The Pressure Awakens earlier than devolving into a train in throwing any previous ideas on the wall and seeing what caught.

A number of the sequel trilogy’s new characters, like Holdo and Jannah and DJ and Allegiant Basic Pryde, had been in the end ineffective. It wasn’t the fault of the actors taking part in them and so they had been conceptually promising; they simply ended up contributing nothing to the story and may very well be eliminated without lacking a beat. Within the prequel trilogy, virtually each character issues. For instance, Qui-Gon’s actions in The Phantom Menace affect the remainder of the trilogy and Rely on Dooku’s introduction in Assault of the Clones results in an important Anakin improvement in Revenge of the Sith.

The prequel trilogy introduces thrilling new characters, like Padmé and Qui-Gon, whereas including new components to the acquainted characters. As an alternative to indulging in fan service, George Lucas gave Darth Vader a tragic backstory and reintroduced the previous, smart, omnipotent house wizard Obi-Wan Kenobi as a fledgling younger apprentice within the early days of his Jedi tenure.

The sequel trilogy, however, utterly squandered all its legacy characters. Luke became a bitter jerk, Han has turned again into an uncaring pirate, Leia was becoming Mary Poppins, and legends like Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO had been lowered to background characters.

Finally, the largest distinction between the prequel and sequel trilogies is that the prequel trilogy seems like Star Wars, setting simply the suitable tone to recapture a number of the magic of the unique trilogy. Because the sequel trilogy had no involvement from George Lucas — regardless of the very fact he supplied Disney with story remedies for Episodes VII-IX within the merger — it’s primarily fanfiction. It’s probably not Star Wars; it’s just a few filmmaker’s thoughts of Star Wars.

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