Apple Claims M1 Chip is The Fastest Laptop Processor In The World, Here’s Why

Apple's New M1 Chip is Far from Fastest Laptop Chip

For the first time in fifteen years, Apple’s newest releases like MacBooks and Mac Minis don’t come up with Intel processors in it. Yes, you heard it right. This time Apple has not used its all-time Intel processors, instead, the company has come up with the brand new Apple M1 Chip as a processor. While making an official announcement for the latest M1 Chip, Apple claimed that it is going to be a powerful replacement for many generations to come for all the Intel CPUs that have Apple computers.

The M1 Chip will be the first-ever appearance of a new paradigm with Apple Silicon in it. All the latest MacBooks which have M1 Chip pre-installed in it are available for pre-order now which include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. The latest revolution of the Apple A-series is the M1 Chip takes a completely different approach. The chip takes on a new system on a chip named Soc of the old collection of separate processing parts. The Soc manages to handle all the computations altogether which includes graphics output which basically means that every single software instruction can easily use the maximum output and efficiency of the M1 Chip.

Other specifications of the latest M1 Chip processor include a high-rising maximum of 16 processor cores which almost equates to the six crores that are found in most of the Intel processors. The M1 Chip features multiple cores that can perform tasks at a very quick rate which are utterly dedicated to complex calculations and smooth processor functioning. Other cores do the job of lighter tasks which consume less power when compared to the bigger ones.

Apple's New M1 Chip is Far from Fastest Laptop Chip

As far as the graphics are concerned, the M1 Chip comes with a graphics processor that is capable of powering an external monitor at the speed of 60 Hz which can further extend up to the level of 6K resolution. In addition to this, the M1 Chip features a  strong build-in storage controller to manage data from the SSD along with various other controllers and sensors that handle image processing, encryption, and other tasks for the computer to function. The chip uses a 5-nanometer production process which is the highest to be found in any computer so far.

In terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) of the M1 Chip, these algorithms are designed to help modern software functioning and efficiency. The chip has a master engine installed in it which have 16 processing cores to handle multiple AI tasks and jobs. Sometimes many third-party apps including Adobe Creative Suite and more might integrate AI and ML algorithms into their functioning which, as claimed by Apple, can be handled effectively with the M1 Chip as it works nine times faster than the previous Intel processor. In terms of its speed, Apple claimed that the new M1 Chips are 3.5 times faster than the previous Intel processor with graphic performance being five times faster. The company also reported that the chip can even build code in the Xcode app up to 2.8 times faster than before.

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