Pieces of Her: Three Cast Members Confirmed For The Show

Pieces of Her is an upcoming Netflix Original show. The genre of this series excels in the department of drama and thrill. Charlotte Stoudt and Lesli Linka Glatter have created it. We have previously seen the contribution of Charlotte on projects such as Homeland. She serves in the form writer as well as showrunner. The first season will be helmed by Minkie Spiro.

She has previously worked on some huge titles such as Downtown Abbey as well as Better Call Saul. Bruna Papandrea has also linked this project. He is set to produce the series. Karin Slaughter has written the books on whose plot is Pieces of Her based upon. He also is a producer on the show. The series is getting produced under the banner of Made Up Stories. it is a company owned by Papandrea.

Pieces of Her
Crew Members: showrunner Charlotte Stoudt, producer Lesli Linka Glatter and director Minkie Spiro going from left to right

Pieces of Her ― Who are the cast members?

All this while, just three main cast members have been announced.

  • Toni Collette is set to reprise the role of Laura Oliver. She is the winner of Primetime Emmy as well as Golden Globes. This character is a mother who has a secretive past life. Thus, the story creates a lot of mysteries revolving around her. On the outer side of stuff, we can dub the character of Laura as the seemingly perfect southern woman. She has devoted her work as a speech pathologist. She also takes care of her disaffected daughter, that is, Andy.
  • Also, actress Bella Heathcote is going to enact the character of Andy. She is known for her role in The Man in the High Castle by Amazon Prime Video as well as The Neon Demon. Her character is the daughter of Laura. She sets on a journey to find out everything about the past her mother had. Her character is best defined as a college dropout. She is living in her mother’s garage apartment. Her life is pretty aimless and she is also struggling for a new direction. This is just on the opposite side of what her mother is.
  • Then we have actor David Wenham playing the part of Jasper Queller. He has previously been cast in Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson. He is described as a mysterious man who existed in the past life of Laura. Pieces of Her will serve in the form of the third collaboration between Wenham and Collette. The first one happened back in 1966 with Cosi. The second one was with The Boys in 1998.
(From Left to Right) Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, Bella Heathcote as Andrea Oliver, David Wenham Jasper Queller- The Cast Members

Pieces of Her ― Production Status and other updates!

All this while, it is confirmed that Pieces of Her season 1 will have eight episodes. They will run for approximately an hour or so. Well, this is generally a standard length for a Netflix series. Also, the first season of the show is currently in the pre-production stages for quite some time now. It is because of the production delay caused by the global pandemic. The original scheduling to start filming was done for Spring of 2020. But we know how the Coronavirus and its spreading has rocked our worlds. Thus, everything is still delayed.

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