Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga, Masashi Kishimoto Takes Over As Writer

Masashi Kishimoto Takes over as Boroto's Writer and Boruto new chapter spoilers

The big news is that Masashi Kishimoto will be returning to the series called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations once again to write the rest of it. The series has been running for 50 chapters now and its original writer, Masashi is all set to return as a writer. After being the Editorial Supervisor for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Masashi will now serve the role of a writer which will begin from Chapter 52. The news was officially announced on the Twitter handle that Kishimoto will reprise his role as the writer of the manga and now the story will be followed according to his original drafts.

Masashi Kishimoto Takes over as Boroto's Writer and Boruto new chapter spoilers

The original story of the manga was curated by Kishimoto himself. Kishimoto has been with the series from the very beginning where he wrote the original script of the manga, designed new characters for the show and served as its supervisor as well. However, most of the manga was written by Ukyo Kodachi where he served as a writer for the first 13 volumes of the series. Kodachi is well known for his amazing work on mecha anime which include Gundam, Code Geass and Macross. He also stated that his role as a writer comes to an end and he only signed the contract for thirteen volumes of the manga. Now he will enjoy the manga series as a fan and as a reader.

Mikio Ikemoto who illustrated the series will continue with his role as an illustrator where he will be joined by Masashi Kishimoto to write the rest of the series where additional characters and new turns to the show will also take place.

Masashi Kishimoto Takes over as Boroto's Writer and Boruto new chapter spoilers

As per the latest sources, Masashi Kishimoto will be writing the manga series from November 21st, 2020 which will happen after the international release of chapter 52. The information was revealed by the Shonen Jump News Official on its Twitter handle where the tweet was all about Kishimoto taking over as the manga writer. The reason for him, returning as a writer is still unknown to the audience and nothing relevant was revealed by the officials. However, if we pay heed to the ongoing rumors and speculations about the show, it might be the case that the manga story is entering into its major point where fans are expecting to witness a huge turn on the show and this is the time where the story goes back to its original creator.

As far as the show’s popularity is concerned, there have always been mixed feeling about the manga where it has seen that Boruto is one of the trendings shows in the western countries and fans are pretty much excited at this new development in the show. However, in Japan, the show has failed to create its monopoly in the market and the news is rather taken negatively by the audience which is a sad story. One fo the official sources explains that the Japanese audience is not thrilled and is very upset in terms of this new change in the manga.

Well, time will only tell how successful this decision proves to be for the manga and how well will the audience take it. Let us wait for the right time and hope that positive feedback and outcome will come from the audience side.

Maria Ilyas