The Polar Express: Film Quits Netflix US For Holiday Season

Well, as we all know that The Polar Express is like a Christmas staple for many of us. It’s like an official thing that completes the holidays. Also, there are a variety of regions on Netflix, the streaming giant, which were streaming The Polar Express. Thus, here we are at your aid to take you through the information about where can you watch the film. The story of The Polar Express is set on Christmas Eve. The audience can acknowledge a young fellow who is losing faith in Christmas.

He jumps on a train that has actor Hanks as a conductor. We then go through a journey of this boy to the North pole where he visits Santa Clause. Even though there are many people who argue that the film is now getting ancient in its animation style. There still are many who often establish it as a strong case of the valley effect. Despite all these arguments, the film went on to receive almost 3 nominations at Oscar’s when it came out 16 years ago, that is, in 2004.

The Polar Express
The Polar Express not available on Netflix US

The Polar Express ― It is not on the Netflix United States!

The Polar Express is not on Netflix in the United States. Yes, you have heard this information right and it is true. The film was added on Netflix US back on the1st of April 2020 but then swiftly went away in July of 2020. Actually, the license of this tale is with Warner Brothers. Thus, it is they who decide about where to stream the film. They even lend it out for 3 months to various streaming platforms. Although, when HBO Max launched itself back in May of 2020, we thought that the film would release there.

But till this point in time, nothing like this has happened. In the United Kingdom, the film is once again available able to stream on Now TV. You can watch it for the holiday season. Also, a subscription to Sky Movies will help you watch the film in the United Kingdom. Although Australia got lucky for the Christmas 2020 season. It is because Netflix has added The Polar Express on their site for the 2020 streaming season. Well, it is not known when will we have the tale but at least we can speculate that it will be available for the Christmas season.

The Polar Express ― The regions in which the film is available?

Here is a list of other regions that will have The Polar Express for the Christmas 2020 season.

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Hong Kong
  • Mexico Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • France
  • India
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

Well, this is all that we have for right now. Later if it gets added or maybe even taken away, then it will be known. All the people living in the United States can still watch it if the DVD service of Netflix does carry the film. So if you want, a person can still rent it from there.

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