Baby Yoda is Not Baby Yoda: His Real Name and Star Wars Storyline

Obviously, every person who has seen The Mandalorian on Disney Plus Hotstar must be quite aware of one fact for sure. That fact is that The Child is undoubtedly the selling point of these series. He is the diminutive green sidekick to the titular bounty hunter that we all can witness. This character has mysterious origins that have fuelled a variety of the action sequences in the Disney Plus Star Wars series that have taken place till now.

But as of right now, that we have witnessed a lot of questioning as well as 13 episodes, we think we finally know some truth about the background of this Child. The fans might even know a hint of his history along with his real name. To the disbelief of a lot of people, this The Child is not just called Baby Yoda. Of course, he has a different name. As of right now, the ex-Jedi, that is, Ahsoka Tano after Din Djarin has finally tracked down her in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda’s real name is now revealed!

Drumrolls please because apparently, the real name of our Child, the Baby Yoda, is ….. Grogu! Well, we have also seen that Ahsoka was able to worm out some of his backgrounds as well. He has revealed that his little green menace was actually raised in the Jedi Temple on Curscant. Thie place has previously been spotted in the Star Wars prequel. Ahsoka reveals this information to The Mandalorian.

He has been training with a bunch of Jedi Masters in order to work on his connection to the force. By doing so, he is alone probably keeping all the Chefs at the temple in business. But when we all witnessed that the Jedi, as well as Order 66, experienced a great gall, everything altered. It was when Grogu was sent into hiding away from the Empire. This happened after the Clone War ended.

Baby Yoda ― History and background story!

Although, Grogu was later taken by somebody else, and thus, his memory gets conveniently dizzy for a while. This leads up to his first appearance in The Mandalorian. Also, Ahsoka notes that he has only known one other being like this and it is a wise Jedi Master, that is, Yoda. Later, we see that Ahsoka expresses a lot of concerns regarding how the years of hiding have done harm to Grogu.

He also reveals how his urge to hide his powers as well as his fears and anger have made this little creature very susceptible to the Dark Side. Although, the major question that the fans have right now is why does Grogu act like a child slash toddler even after he has been through years of training for being a Jedi. Clearly, we are aware of the fact that this is not the end of the story of The Child. But obviously, it now feels good to finally know what the real name of Baby Yoda, the biggest breakout star, is.

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