‘The Office’ is Set to Leave Netflix US in January 2021

Well, it is not much of a surprise that Netflix has finally decided to let go of The Office. Yes, it is now finally leaving the streaming platform. The officials have disclosed that the series is set to quit the streaming network at the start of 2021. But well, you might be curious to know the reason behind it. So, here we have covered everything up for your aid. The Office is a very popular show on NBC. It has run from 2005 till 2013.

Also, even though the show was very popular on the air, when it landed on Netflix, the streaming giant, it surely became a juggernaut. All 9 seasons of The office that contains 201 episodes are set to depart on the 1st of January 2021. You guys should know that this series is one of the biggest hits on the top 10 lists of Netflix United States. Last, both the companies, that is, Netflix as well as NBC came up with the decision that The Office is finally leaving Netflix.

The Office: All the cast members

The Office set to quit Netflix in January 2021!

This list included a variety of high-profile sitcom quits for Netflix. It includes Friends which left in January of 2020 as well as Parks and Recreation which left a little earlier this year. Well, you guys should know that Netflix is doing everything that they can in order to keep this series on Netflix. The streaming platform has even offered NBC a total sum of 90 million US dollars according to some reports in order to keep the show streaming on their network.

But NBC Universal has eventually turned down this offer. It is because they want to make it one of their headline shows. They will do so on their newly launched online streaming platform called Peacock. It came out in July of 2020. All this while, other regions of Netflix has seen the title getting removed almost a month ago. It includes Netflix in the United Kingdom where the series has eventually moved over to Amazon Prime Video.

Gossip Girl will also leave Netflix with The Office!

All this while, the good news is that there are some alternatives if a person wants to watch this show outside of Peacock. Not only we will see a variety of places selling away boxsets of this show for sale on Black Friday but we will also be able to find a wealth of content of the show from their YouTube channel.

Obviously, not the full-length episodes have been provided there but still, we have enough clips on there that we can always put on the shuffle mode. All this while, we even have companions of The office who are leaving the streaming network just like it is. We have Gossip Girl, a very, very popular show from the ’00s that is also going to leave the platform. I mean, who isn’t going to miss something as classic as this Blake Lively starrer teen drama show.

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