The Witcher Spinoff Film Now Casts Two New Actors

The process of production on The Witcher season 2 came to a potential halt earlier this month. Despite that fact, we can still regard November as a very important one for the revelations about the new season. Various press images reveal Cavill caught on camera riding a Zeus. This is the horse that serves Geralt in The Witcher and is popularly known as Roach. The actor was present just beside the stunt double meant for the character of Anya Chalotra. All this while, you guys should also know that there was a gigantic gathering of mages that we once saw in the first season. They were all present in Fountains Abbey.

The Witcher spinoff ― New cast members added!

All this while, we are pretty sure that Netflix is trying to lay their interests entirely in the favor of The Witcher Season 2. Despite this fact, the team is in the early stages of production on another project which is also set on the Continent: The Prequel of Blood Origins. The filming of this series is expected to begin after the production of The Witcher season 2 is done. All this while, Blood Origin is going to tell the tale of the creation of how The Witchers came into existence. They are also going to explore the relationship which is held between the humans as well as the elves from early history in the continent.

As far as the coverage goes for the news about The Witcher season 2, the NSFW website Recapped is a pretty trusted source. They even have revealed how the creators are set to cast two female lead characters for the upcoming season of the show. They are, Eile The Lark Lithe as well as Princess Merwyn. According to the sources, it is seen that Eile is actually in the middle of her twenties and is pretty muscular. All this while, Merwyn can be thought to be a slightly younger one. The news site has also learned that the process of filming is all supposed to happen sometime between May and December of next year.

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The Witcher spinoff ― What will it be about?

Also, it is pretty difficult to predict what this spinoff project might be about because it is not based on any sort of source material that is available right now. Apart from these two lead characters, even actor Jason Momoa was also eyed for getting cast in this untitled project. If he accepts the offer, the Aquaman actor will be doing the role of the first Witcher. Although, you guys should know that this news has come out quite a long time ago and thus we do not if Jason Momoa was added to the cast list. All this while, we know how the one very important sorceress which was missing from the gathering that was filming at the Fountains Abbey was Triss Merigold of whose character is enacted by Anna Schaffer. She will join at the fortress of Kaer Morhen

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