The Flash Season 7 Stops Filming Because A Member Turned Positive

The Flash Season 7 which airs on The CW Network has just announced that it is going to top the process of production on the new season of the show. The reason behind this is that someone has tested positive for the Corona Virus test. This infected member was included in the production team set for the series. It has been reported by various news media platforms that this person showed no symptoms of the virus.

This infected individual has now been suspended from the set in order to take a quarantine break while the rest of the team members have begun taking the tests for the virus to make sure that no one else has contracted the deadly virus. After this turn of events, The CW is now rescheduling their whole work plan that was meant for the Winter production process.

Crew Member tested CoronaVirus 

Resuming the filming is quite dependent on other team members and their test results. It is so that the cast and crew can make out if it is possible or not to get over with the filming without the infected person on the set. The cameras started rolling for the seventh season of The Flash on the 1st of October 2020.

All this while, its release date was scheduled to be the 23rd of February 2021 on The CW Network. We all have acknowledged how the previous season was cut short because of the pandemic created by the Corona Virus. This resulted in the ending of the season without our main character defeating the major antagonist. I mean, this is the first time when Flash has not done this task.

Here is what The Flash season 7 is going to be all about!

All this while, the seventh season is expected to divide its time on the screen between Mirror Master as well as Godspeed. This red speedster is going to continue on his adventures without the Elongated Man. Also, the creators have fired Hartley Sawyer back in June because of all the racist comments that were coming from his way. It has also been confirmed that the character of Caitlin Snow, that is, Danielle Panabaker is going to come back in the latter part of the seventh season. Although, as an actress, she is currently on maternity leave.

Well, the official synopsis for the seventh season of Flash is here and we have provided it for all you guys. We saw quite a thrilling cliffhanger in the sixth season of The Flash which employed the new Mirror Master, that is, Efrat Dor. He is victorious but still at large in Central City. This is why it is now the responsibility of The Flash to form a group once more in order to stop her. He should also find a way to make contact with his wife who is no missing. This he should do with the help cast by other members of Team Flash including superheroes such as Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon as well as Nash Wells.

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