Outlander Season 4 and 5 Aren’t On Netflix Yet – Release Date for Netflix

Well, Netflix, the streaming giant has been keeping up with Outlander for quite some time now. But, in the bigger scheme of stuff, the platform still remains a but behind by two seasons. As of right now, even Outlander season 6 has been confirmed by the creators. But we all should now take a look at when can we have the opportunity to see the fourth and fifth seasons of Outlander on Netflix.

Outlander is a show which throws the entire spotlight on a nurse who is living during the times of English combat. This all happens during the Second World War. Later, we see how she is transported back to the 1700s. The series has taken its story from a novel series that goes by the same name. It even was announced for multiple prestigious awards. Although, the popularity of the show at least is based on the viewing figures that have come up with the third installment.

A still from the previous season of Outlander

The previous release pattern of the show on Netflix!

Obviously, the show has proven to be one of the most-watched titles of Starz. Netflix is currently missing seasons 4 and 5 of the show on its platform. It is based on the novel called Drums of Autumn that aired from November of 2018 till January of 2019. Also, as you all should know, commissioning has been given to the sixth season of the show and it is expected to air pretty soon in 2021. Also, you guys should probably know that it is not Starz that lends out the license for this show to Netflix. I mean, it is Sony Pictures who own and even sell this show to Starz in order to broadcast it in the United States Netflix. This happens after its window on Starz is fully done.

Outlander season 4 and 5 ― When will they release on Netflix?

As per the previous patterns of the release date of Outlander on Netflix, we can see that the first and the second season came out on the 27th of May 2019. All this while, the third outing released on the 10th of December 2019. Well, this was just in time for Christmas for all the fans who would like to stream it. At this point in time, the Netflix officials have not come up with even speculation about the release date of the show. Obviously, this puts the future of Outlander on Netflix at a potential stake.

Although, a prediction or two can be made as to when this show might be added to the streaming platform. Season 3 came out on Netflix exactly after two years that its finale aired on Starz. If this factor remains constant, then we can imagine that Outlander season 4 will be available on Netflix in January of 2021. Although, even Sony Television or even Netflix have not come up with anything regarding the release date of the show. Nevertheless, we are hoping that some updates will be provided to us by the end of December.

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