Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Speculations after Plot Leak

Blood of Zeus season 2: Blood of Zeus has proven itself to be one of the highest watched animated series on Netflix, the streaming giant. All the while, fans were hoping for a renewal of this series, and guess what, it is now official. The Netflix Gods have gone on to bless all their loyal subjects with a two-season lineup for Blood of Zeus.

As it so happens, the show is an original animated series on Netflix. It has been created by Charley as well as Vlas Parlpapanidas. Powerhouse Animation Studios are the ones under whose banner the show has been produced. They have also produced some other successful Netflix shows such as Castlevania as well as Seis Manos.

Blood of Zeus season 2
Blood of Zeus: A still from the Netflix show

Blood of Zeus season 2 is now official!

Obviously, after a successful debut of season one, it did not take much time for the officials to realize that Blood of Zeus is season 2 worthy. Thus, Netflix has officially provided it with a green light to create a further batch of episodes. After just a week of its release, it was seen that the animated show made it into the dozens of top ten lists that existed around the world. In particular, it was cut at the third rank on the top ten US list. Well, there is still plenty of time to count this, but the only country where Blood, if Zeus has ranked on top, is Nigeria.

Also, the show served all the fans with an incredible climactic finale. This is why we are left with a lot to discover in Blood of Zeus season 2. We have all witnessed that Hades wanted to avoid the terrific fate of living in the Underworld. This is why he has given the opportunity to Seraphim to serve him. Although, this requires Seraphim to kneel before him. We all know how Hades is a pretty ambitious god and is very dangerous. And when he has Seraphim in the form of his pawn, this just means loads of trouble for Heron as well as the other Gods of Olympus. All this while, Seraphim is no less.

Blood of Zeus season 2 ― What will the plot be like?

This character is portrayed to be arrogant as welk ad ambitious too. At this point in time, he has no other option than to serve Hades. Although, we know he might have a trick or two up his sleeve to remove himself from the grasp of Hades and twist his own fate. In the concluding moments of the first season, we saw that there was a battle happening between gods as well as the giants. Thus, Zeus has sacrificed himself to save Hera from the destruction of giants.

Well, now we pretty much are aware of the fact that Zeus is gone and all the hods of Olympus are lacking a ruler. Also, at the point in time, Heron was having a battle against Seraphim, he used the exact same powers as Zeus in order to defeat his brother. Heron has also ascended to Mount Olympus and he even has all the powers of Zeus. Thus, there is a strong possibility that we might see the other gods turning to Heron for becoming their leaders.

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